Stroboscope DSL-300-LA
The stroboscope has 6 powerful LED illuminants. With the Auto-sync function, the frequency of moving objects can be determined automatically with a laser.


Revised tension meters ZEF and ZED
The new color TFT display rotates automatically in 90° steps and offers 3 different display options (numeric, numeric with bargraph, numeric with graph), as well as menu navigation in 5 different languages. The devices have 3 memory locations for custom calibrations and a memory for statistical values.


New clamps and desting devices for force gauges and test stands
Double arm hook SHF, cap clamping jig CCJ, eye bolt EB-5000N, vise grip GTW-2500N, safety shield ST-SS, X-axis slide table XST-500N, X-Y table XY-500N, table SJS, pin and hook SJ.


Measuring range 5 – 50 daN and 6 – 60 daN
Tension meter DTSL and DTXL are available with higher measuring ranges.


Guide roller code R4
This rollers are suitable for material diameters from 8 – 11 mm and can be equipped at the tension meters DTSL and DTXL, as well as the tension sensors TSH, FSH, FSH-422, MZH and MZH-422.


Guide roller code R5
This rollers are suitable for material diameters from 12 – 15 mm and can be equipped at the tension meters DTSL and DTXL, as well as the tension sensors TSH, FSH, FSH-422, MZH and MZH-422.

Wire and Tube News

Either 2018 we had a booth at the Wire & Tube in Düsseldorf. We receive a lot of interested and interesting people, to talk about our approved control instruments, as well as some novelties in our product line. We could introduce two of this innovations in the Wire & Tube News and we will briefly present them also here.

DT tension meter with three display modes

Tension meter DTX-1000One of the new products to be seen at the Hans Schmidt & Co. GmbH stand is the DT tension meter. The device is equipped with a large display that automatically rotates in 90 ° increments to always have the best view. Three different display modes are available to display real-time measurements, MIN-MAX alarms, graphics (time-tension) on the display. The device is equipped with a new, force-reduced material catching system. For maximum accuracy, the material diameter can be adjusted and displayed on the display with a wheel at the end of the housing.
The device is calibrated on Schmidt materials. The user can now calibrate their own materials and also enter the names of these materials in the display.
To catch PEAKS of tension the internal sampling rate is 8 kHz.
The “professional” series DTX is equipped with a memory of 60,000 readings. Four different internal programs for data collections are available. All memory data can be viewed and stored on a PC. Wire tension up to 60 daN can be measured with the DT Tension Meter.

New features for tension sensors of FS series

Tension sensor FSH-5000-WLThe FS Series is now available with new features that meet the latest digital signal processing and Wi-Fi data communication needs. “The advantage of digital signal processing lies in the ease of installation, the independence of electronic interference and the direct connection to computers to control or store data in the production process,” explains the company. Up to 32 voltage sensors can be connected to a PC to continuously display, store and analyze tension readings. For installations in rotating positions, the sensor can be equipped with a position sensor that compensates for gravity.