Moisture Meter

Moisture Meter
  • To determine the residual moisture of paper, cardboard, pure lint cotton, jute, sisal, leather, grain, cacao, raw coffee and tea
  • Portable with analog display

A Moisture meter is a device for measuring the moisture of paper, cardboard, lint cotton, jute, sisal, leather, grain, cacao, raw coffee, tea, yarn bobbins, fabric rolls, filaments, fiber flocks and different material mixtures. The moisture content is determined by measuring the electrical conductivity of the material which always is proportional to the content of the moisture. Unlike our textile moisture meters, which include electrodes for the most common moisture measurements, the matching electrodes for our Aqua Boy moisture testers must be ordered separately, depending on the material being measured. We also offer a special version of our Aqua Boy textual moisture meter, which includes all the electrodes required by H & M suppliers. Textile moisture meters are available with scale or digital display. Together, all of our moisture meters are portable, battery operated moisture testers with high accuracy and reproducibility.