Force Gauge and Test Stands

Force Gauges13
Price: from 310 € up to 3.900 €
Test Stands20

Mechanical and electronic test stands for force gauges Usable in a lot of sectors of industry Cable clamp tester (crip tester)

Price: from 770 € up to 11.200 €
Clamps and Testing Devices4
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Load Cells and display units2
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Physical Therapy and Strength Testing Kits3
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Test Stands for Cable Joints and Solder Pins2
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Food Rheology Tester2
Price: from 1.150 € up to 6.200 €

Force gauges are devices for measuring force in all areas of industry. They are available as analog or digital force meter. Most electronic force gauges are equipped with an USB and RS-232 interface, for data transfer to a PC and data evaluation. Force sensors or load cells represent an alternative in force measurement. Thanks to different standard inserts, such as hooks or flat head inserts, tension and compression forces can be determined with force testers. In addition to our standard inserts, a wide range of clamps for tension and compression tests, as well as special test equipment and other attachments such as vices are available. A completely different field of application for force gauges, in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, are force meters with special attachments for muscle strength measurement.
All available force gauges and load cells can be mounted on test stands. Test stands are available in horizontal and vertical versions, as well as manual and motorized devices. They already increase the measuring accuracy in the manual version with hand-wheel control, while the motion sequences for motorized devices can be precisely defined for individual and continuous tests.