MS Series1

  • Measuring range: up to 12500 rpm
  • Frequency range: up to 108 Hz
  • Compact handy design
  • Battery operated
  • Housing: ABS

Price: 620 €
3000 Series2

  • Measuring range: up to 20100 rpm
  • Frequency range: up to 335 Hz
  • Compact, handy design
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Housing: plastic shatterproof

Price: from 650 € up to 990 €
LED Stroboscopes3

  • Measuring range: up to 300000 rpm
  • Frequency range: up to 5000 Hz
  • Rugged industry-design
  • Mains or battery operated
  • Housing: polycarbonat

Price: from 745 € up to 2.800 €

Hand held stroboscopes are small, handy devices for the non-contact determination of revolutions, for monitoring moving parts and ascertain the oscillation frequency of running systems. There are models with a xenon long-life flash tube or up to 118 LED`s for LED Stroboscopes. Most devices have a digital display, although there are models with an analog display. Depending on the type, the device can be suitable for up to 300,000 revolutions per minute or 5,000 Hz. Some models have an external trigger signal that allows them to observe motion sequences in any position. There are also devices that can be mounted on a tripod for continuous operation.