Quality Management

  1. Quality Management
    Hans SCHMIDT & Co. GmbH was the first tension meter manufacturer to be certified according to International Standard DIN EN ISO 9001.
    • This emphasizes our continuous commitment to quality which ensures that our staff produces the highest quality products.
    • This also gives you the confidence in a company in which quality and customer service has the highest priority.

    The SCHMIDT Quality Management covers the area of design, development, production, installation and maintenance of our tension meters.

    Calibration Standards: Since there are no international standards for the calibration of tension meters, we have established and documented a SCHMIDT Standard which is accepted worldwide.

    Because of the very low request for this certificate and the very high costs for the procedure of the certification we decided not to make this certification again.
    Of course we will work according our quality handbook and the regulations of ISO 9001 furthermore in order to keep our quality standard.

  2. Quality Control

    When completed, each instrument undergoes an extensive final quality check ensuring proper operation as well as a final calibration verification. Only those instruments meeting our strict quality regulations receive the SCHMIDT Quality Seal.
    This is also confirmed in a Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 which is supplied free of charge with the instrument.

  3. Inspection Certificate 3.1

    An Inspection Certificate according to European Standard EN 10204, which includes a Calibration Report, is optionally available. The Calibration Report shows the measured values compared to the standards. This verification of the calibration is performed prior to shipment.
    The Calibration Label is fixed on the instrument, indication the calibration date. ISO 9000 – certified companies frequently require such an Inspection Certificate to verify inspection of their measuring, inspection and test equipment.
    Our Inspection Certificate according EN 10204 is the European equivalent to the test reports of other international organizations, such as NIST (USA) or JAL (Asia).

    Inspection Certificate as PDF-file
  4. Warranty

    SCHMIDT tension meters are subject to stringent quality checks. We therefore guarantee all our tension meters for 12 months.
    Improper use, abuse and parts subjected to wear (e. g. guide rollers) are excluded from coverage.

The optional Inspection Certificate includes a calibration report. It can be ordered also for instruments which were sent for repair.