Thickness Gauge with Rollers F-50-R

Measuring range: 0 - 5 mm
Resolution: 0.001 mm

Self closing thickness gauge with high accuracy and resolution

Thickness gauge for measuring moving objects such as running wires, yarns, tapes and more

Special Features

Thickness gauge F-50-R features an easy to read analog display along with the high accuracy. It is used to measure the thickness of moving objects as yarns. wires and more.

For better guiding the measured material the lower roller (width 8.7 mm) is standard equipped with flanges, optional available without flange to measure to measure paper, metal, foils and more.

Max. Line speed 150 m/min

Measuring by spring force

Opening by lifting device (lever) – self closing thickness gauge F-50-R
Dickenmesser mit Abhebevorrichtung

Thickness gauge should not be used for continuous (online) use.

Standard Features

Thickness gauge  for quick, reliable measurements

Thickness gauge F-50-R with rollers: Ø 8.4 mm steel, grounded, width 8.7 mm

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range
ResolutionDepth of Jaw
F-50-R5 mm0.001 mm50 mmyesanalog
F-50-RO5 mm0.001 mm50 mmnoanalog
J-50-R5 mm0.01 mm50 mmyesanalogmore
J-50-RO5 mm0.01 mm50 mmnoanalogmore
J-50-RS5 mm0.005 mm50 mmyesanalogmore
J-50-RSO5 mm0.005 mm50 mmnoanalogmore
JD-50-R12.5 mm
0.5 inch
0.01 mm
0.001 inch
50 mmyesdigitalmore
JD-50-RO12.5 mm
0.5 inch
0.01 mm
0.001 inch
50 mmnodigitalmore
JD-100-R12.5 mm
0.5 inch
0.01 mm
0.001 inch
100 mmyesdigitalmore
JD-100-RO12.5 mm
0.5 inch
0.01 mm
0.001 inch
100 mmnodigitalmore
FD-50-R12.5 mm
0.5 inch
0.001 mm
0.0001 inch
50 mmyesdigitalmore
FD-50-RO12.5 mm
0.5 inch
0.001 mm
0.0001 inch
50 mmnodigitalmore

The lower roller is standard equipped with flanges. If lower roller is requested without flange (material width > 8.4 mm), please use Code O.
Order code e.g. F-50-RO


Resolution:0.001 mm
Measuring range:5 mm
Depth of jaw:50 mm
Scale diameter:54 mm
Measuring principle:Self closing
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 300 g (350 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Accessories (optional)

  1. 30012K - Foot

    fuss_dickenmesser_grossThe foot changes the for hand-held use designed thickness gauge F-50-R for on-table operation. They can be used for a lot of applications.
    Order number: 30012K

  2. Calibration Report

    Calibration Report for thickness gaugesFor the dial gauge a specific test report including calibration report can be delivered.

Delivery Includes

Thickness gauge F-50-R with transport packing case.

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