About Thickness Gauges

  1. Applications & Selection Criterias

    Thickness Gauges are used for measuring the thickness of leather, textiles, cardboard, felt, rubber, sheet metal, foil, plywood, plastic part of all kinds, etc.

    Depending on the application, the following points are important for selecting the best model:

    • Max. resolution
    • Measuring range
    • Depth of jaw
    • Shape of feelers
    • Measuring principle

    The aluminium housing is lightweight and rugged.
    It can be easily zeroed by turning the outer knurled ring of the scale.

    Specified Test Report with calibration report can be made only for the dial gauge for an extra charge.

  2. Measuring Principles

    Dickenmesser mit AbheberadOpening by lifting wheel – self closing

    Dickenmesser mit AbhebevorrichtungOpening by lifting device (lever) – self closing

    Measuring by manual pressure by plunger:

    Federkraft zum Öffnen des Dickenmessersspring force – self opening

  3. Feeler Shapes & Applications

    Feeler shapes for thickness gauges

    a+b: for rubber, felt*, soft materials*, non wovens*, etc.
    c+f: for soft leather, cardboard, paper, foils, etc.
    d: for hard leather, plywood, fiberboard, etc.
    e: for sheet metal, etc.
    g: for sheet metal, etc.
    h: for hard leather, plywood, fiberboard, etc.

    *meets no DIN EN ISO standards