Typical applications

verschiedene GarnspulenToday, more than
195.000 SCHMIDT tension meters
are used worldwide
Wherever precision and superior quality are essential in producing and processing SCHMIDT tension meters are indispensable in production monitoring, quality control, automation, and process engineering. In response to today`s needs involving new advanced materials and stricter production standards, SCHMIDT offers the worldwide largest selection of tension meters:
20 different series, 80 models and more than 2000 possible variations.
The product range includes both hand-held models and online tension meters, each available as mechanical and electronic versions.



SCHMIDT tension meters are used throughout the world in a wide variety of typical as well as special applications.
A few samples are shown below.

Should you need customized solutions to your measuring problem, please contact us. We will be glad to design a model for your special application.

In the Optical Fiber Production
e. g. winding machine

In the Wire Industry
e. g. for wire drawing or winding machines

In Wire EDM Technology
for machines to remachine profiled cutting tools

Zugspannungsmesser in der Kunstfaserherstellung

In the Man-Made
Fiber Production e. g. doubling twister

Zugspannungssensor in der Textilindustrie

In the Textile Industry
Online tension sensor to control the bobbin creel

Zugspannungsmesser in der Strickindustrie

In the Knitting Industry
exact adjusting of yarn feeders of circular knitting machines

Zugspannungsmesser in der Drahterodiertechnik

In the Wire EDM Technology
The correct adjusted tension is the condition for best exact cuts

Zugspannungsmesser bei der Faserherstellung

In the Fiber Producing Industry
e. g. for winding machines

Zugspannungsmesser bei der Verarbeitung von Carbonfasern

In Industries
processing carbon fibers

Zugspannungsmesser in der Solarindustrie

In the Solar Industry
e. g. Wafer cutting machines

Zugsspannungsmesser in der Automobilindustrie

In the Automotive Industry
producing tires and Airbag-fabrics

Zugspannungsmesser bei der Herstellung von Banknoten

Currency Printing andLetter Sorting
Precise adjustment of the transport belt ensures that the product is not damaged during transport

Zugspannungsmesser in der Luftfahrttechnik

In the Aircraft Industry
Producing parts made by fiber-reincorced materials for airplanes on embroidery machines

Zugspannungsmesser in der Medizintechnik

In the Medical Industry
e. g. producing bandages and sutures

For Technical Fibers
Producing harvesting nets and protection nets with warpknitting machines

Zugspannungsmesser in der Weltraumtechnologie

In Satellite Technology
Before launching accurately tension setting of the cables holding the solar panels

Zugspannungsmesser in der Telekommunkiation

In Telecommunications
Continuous tension monitoring is essential in the production and processing of copper wires and optic fibers

Zugspannungsmesser in der Nähindustrie

In the sewing industry
For adjusting yarn breaks on industrial sewing machines