Force-Displacement Measuring System FSA

capacity max. 5000 N

Measuring unit for force-displacement measurement and force-time measurement, as well as generating force-displacement and force-time graphs with software Force Recorder Professional

For compression and tension measurement

Combination of different test stands and force gauges for measuring system FSA is possible

Special Features

Force gauge with high sampling rate of 2000 measurement/s for fast data acquisition of peak values.

Free combination of force gauge with different measuring ranges and test stands depending on purpose.

Force-displacement and force-time graphs can be displayed in real time by USB interface and software Force Recorder Professional.

With the force-displacement measuring system FSA is data Comparison possible by displaying five graphs.

Required Moduls

  1. Motorized vertical test stand

    Prüfstand EMX-1000NMotorized test stands MX2-500N, MX2-1000NMX2-2500N, MX2-5000N, EMX-500N and EMX-1000N and with Code FA are applicable for force-displacement measuring system FSA.

  2. Motorized horizontal test stand

    Force-Displacement measuring system FSA-0.5HK2Motorized test stands MH2-500N and MH2-2500N with Code FA are applicable for force-displacement measuring system FSA.

  3. Manual vertical test stand

    Prüfstand MS-50NThe Manual test stand  MSL-50N  is a low-cost alternative for the motorized test stands.

  4. Force Gauge ZTA series

    Kraftmesser ZTAForce gauge ZTA series for compression and tension forces with measuring range 2 N up to 2500 N is required.

  5. Force Recorder Professional

    Force Recorder ProfessionalSoftware for data acquisition by USB output to generate force-displacement or force-time graphs.

How to order

Test Stand
Capacity50 N500 N1000 N2500 N5000 N500 N1000 N500 N1000 N
Model as FSAMSL0.5K21K22.5K25K20.5KE1KE0.5HK22.5HK2
Travel distance
80 mm235 mm300 mm320 mm380 mm295 mm320mm245mm340mm


The correct order number for force-displacement measuring system FSA must be specified in this way:

Ordering example for force-displacement system FSA

Delivery Includes

Test stand, force gauge, software force recorder professional, connecting cables and operating instruction in English only

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