Yarn Package Hardness Tester

HP Series3

  • To measure winding density of textile bobbins
  • Slightly curved working face to fit on small bobbins

Price: 380 €
HP-F Series3

  • To measure winding density of textile bobbins
  • For yarn bobbins with Ø more than 400 mm
  • Flat working face to fit on bobbins

Price: 380 €
Test Stand1

  • For quick, series measurements of yarn bobbins
  • Easy lever-operation
  • For textile hardness testers series HP, HP-F, HPS and HPS-R

Price: 715 €

A hardness tester is a device for measuring the hardness of various materials. We supply yarn package hardness tester for testing the winding hardness of bobbins made of chemical fibers, filaments and natural fibers, as well as Shore hardness testers for determining the hardness according to Shore A, B, C, D, DO, O and AO, which comply with the standards DIN 53505, ISO 7619, ISO 868 and ASTM 2240. A Shore durometer will be used for Shore hardness testing of soft rubber, elastomers, natural rubber, neoprene, polyester, PVC, leather, rubber, thermoplastics, plastics, fabrics, etc. Another distinguishing feature of the durometer is the indentor. A textile hardness tester has a 2.5, 5 or 10 mm diameter ball, while Shore hardness testers have a cone, a ball, a tapered pin or a U-shaped indentor.