Universal Testing Machine ZPM

max. capacity 5000 N

For force-displacement-measurements or constant-force-measurements with programmable traverse path and feed velocity.

To determinate of tensile strength, crushing strength, stretching, peeling- and friction tests, shear force and long-term test.

Test stand includes software for data processing and machine control.

CE mark

Special Features

The integrated microprocessor is operated using either the integrated keypad of the universal testing machine ZPM or PC.

USB port to control the machine and for data transfer to PC

Drive using ball screw, ball bearings and timing belt

Interchangeable load cell to cover capacities up to max. 5000 N

Length measurement with encoder, resolution 0.01 (display), 0.001 mm (software)

Programmable test set-ups

The supplied software offers several tests: Tensile strength, peeling- and friction tests and constant load holding.

To ensure wrong operation of the machine max. capacity and traverse path can be limited. Additional mechanical stops can be set

A tensile testing machine with excellent value and many features

Standard Features

The working range of 500 mm include the grips and the test path. Optional 1200 mm are available

Load cells are available from 50 N to 5000 N

Load cell and grips can easily be changed

Strong, rugged design

Grips and fixtures for the tensile testing machine are optional available

Calibration report of load cell is included free of charge

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range
ZPM-3000-5003000 N – basic version500 mm
ZPM-50-50050 N500 mm
ZPM-100-500100 N500 mm
ZPM-200-500200 N500 mm
ZPM-500-500500 N500 mm
ZPM-1000-5001000 N500 mm
ZPM-2000-5002000 N500 mm
ZPM-5000-5005000 N500 mm

The universal testing machine ZPM is available with a stroke of 1200 mm on request e.g. ZPM-3000-1200


Measuring range:Standard: 3000 N
Option: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 N
Accuracy:Loadcell: linearity – better than 0.03 %,
Hysterese ± 0.02 nominal load
Distance measuring: 0.0001 mm (internal)
Overload capacity:Approx. 120 % nominal load
Display:LCD with double-spaced display: force, distance
Resolution:Force 0.01 N (load cell 50 N), 0.1 N (load cell up to max. 5000 N)
Distance 0.01 mm (LCD), 0.001 mm (PC)
Measuring frequency:USB output with fast data transfer
Feed:Under load: 1 – 500 mm/min infinitely adjustable
without load: 1 – 700 mm/min infinitely adjustable
Max. travel distance:500 mm
Software:Win XP and higher
Housing material:Rugged construction of aluminium and V2A
Weight net, (gross):Approx. 48 kg (60 kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Optional Load Cell

Load Cell
Measuring Range
LZ-50N50 N
LZ-100N100 N
LZ-200N200  N
LZ-500N500 N
LZ-1000N1000 N
LZ-2000N2000 N
LZ-3000N3000 N
LZ-5000N5000 N

Standard Accessories

  1. Software

    Software for universal testing machine ZPMSimple, easy to use software for machine control, to create hysteresis graphs and force-distance diagrams.

Accessories (optional)

  1. Eccentric Roller

    Eccentric Roller, roller width 50 mm,
    for materials with a thickness of 0 – 7 mm,
    roller clamps of tempered steel,
    body of aluminium
    max. pull force of 1 kN
    delivery includes: 1 pair (2 pieces)
    Order number: TH-7-1

    For max. pull force of 5 kN (higher capacity on request)
    delivery includes: 1 pair (2 pieces)
    Order number: TH-7-5

  2. Vice Grip

    Schraubspannkopf TH6k

    Vice grip for clamping paper, foil, fabric etc.up to max. load 1 kN
    Order number: TH56k
    different replaceable jaws available

  3. Vice Grip

    Schraubspannkopf TH56g

    For clamping paper, foil, fabric etc. max. 5 kN
    Order number: TH56g
    different replaceable jaws available

  4. Rope Grip

    Thread grip up to max. load 1 kN with deflecting cylinder and wedge clamp, rubber coated (Perbunan), delivery includes 1 pair (2 pieces)
    Order number: TH76-1

  5. Rope Grip

    Thread grip up to max. load 5 kN with deflecting cylinder, wedge clamp and pyramid jaws, delivery includes 1 pair (2 pieces)
    Order number: TH76-5

Beside the listed clamps there are a lot of other clamps available to make the universal testing machine ZPM fit for your requirements.
Mention us your application, testing method and testing standard.


Dimensions of the universal testing machine ZPM to download:
Delivery Includes

Test stand, loadcell, software, manufacturer`s test report

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