about Tension Meters

  1. Operating Elements

    zugspannungsmesser-bedienelementez. B. model DX2

    All SCHMIDT tension meters feature the 3-roller measuring system. The center measuring roller is deflected by the tension of the measured material. This measuring principle assures highest accuracy and repeatability.

    All rollers are equipped with precision ball bearings.

    1 Measured material
    2 Measuring roller (center guide roller)
    3 Outer guide rollers
    4 Filament guide
    5 Scale
    6 Thumbpiece
    7 Sample holder clip
    8 Material thickness compensator

  2. Material Thickness Compensator

    zugspannungsmesser-materialstaerkenausgleichSCHMIDT hand-held tension meters are equipped, if necessary, with a material thickness compensator. This compensates different material diameters for a particular range.

    1 Material sample
    2 Disc
    3 Disc
    4 Sample holder clip

  3. SCHMIDT Calibration

    Calibration of a tension meterTo ensure highest precision, each tension meter is individually calibrated according to the SCHMIDT factory procedure. For calibration a known weight is suspended from the standard calibration material, vertically, as shown in the figure.
    This method is accepted – worldwide – as the industry standard.

  4. Special Scales

    zugspannungsmesser-spezielle-skalenfor customer materials

    Special calibration to customer-supplied material is optionally available. This takes into account the customer material`s rigidity and diameter, if it differs significantly from the SCHMIDT calibration material. Special calibration to two different materials is optionally available.

  5. Measuring Head Width

    zugspannungsmesser-messkopfbreitewith handheld tensionmeters and Online-Sensors:

    The width of the measuring head varies with the model design and the tension range. Dimension »X« defines the minimum access space required along the material path. It is determinded by the width of the filament guide, the distance between the two outer guide rollers, or the outside dimensions of the front plate, whichever is the largest.

  6. Operation

    operating a tension meter