Textile Moisture Meter DHT-3

Multi function moisture meter to determine the residual moisture of yarn bobbins, fabric rolls, cotton bales, fiber flocks etc., optional to measure room temperature and humidity RH %

Portable textile moisture meter with digital display

CE mark

Special Features

Easy to use textile moisture meter DHT-3 for many applications and quick measurements

Digital display for direct moisture percentage reading of 10 materials (wool, rayon, cotton, hemp, jute, paper, linen, nylon, acrylic, polyester) and 10 often used material mixtures.

Scale with 0 – 100 for non stored materials; with the help of supplies comparison tables the moisture of additional 20 materials can be determined

A wide choice of needles and roller electrodes for many applications are available

Easy material selection using 2 push buttons

Optional the room temperature °C and humidity RH % can be displayed using a special probe

Textile moisture meter DHT-3 is microprocessor controlled.

Easy material selection using 2 push buttons

Room temperature °C and humidity RH % can be displayed using a special probe (optional accessory)
High accuracy and reproducibility

Standard Features

Textile moisture meter DHT-3 with compact housing supplied in leather carrying case with neck strap

Portable, battery-operated moisture meter

Test report of manufacturer free of charge, calibration report optional available

Measuring principle:
The moisture content is determined by measuring the electrical conductivity of the material, which always is proportional to the content of the moisture.

Available Models

Textile moisture meter with standard accessories and digital display
TEMTextile moisture meter without standard accessories (only display unit)more
Textile moisture meter with standard accessoriesmore
TEM HMTextile moisture meter with standard accessories and surface electrodemore

Residual moisture:
Room temperature:
RH %:
Direct reading:
wool, rayon, cotton, hemp, jute, paper, linen, nylon, acrylic, polyester, 50 PES/50 Zw, 50 PES/50 PAC, 50 PES/50 Bw,
67 PES/33 Bw, 70 PES/30 Zw, 70 PES/30 Wo, 67 PAC/33 Bw, 70 PAC/30 Wo, 60 Bw/40 PES, 50 Wo/50 Zw
Indirect reading:
0 – 100 scale and 20 conversion sheets for different materials
-30 to 70 °C (optional)
5 to 95 % RH (optional)
Display:LCD, resolution 0.1
Accuracy:±1 % full scale
Reproducibility:±0,3 %
Power supply:Battery 9 V E Block, low battery signal
Auto Power off:After 2 min of non-use
Weight net (gross):Approx. 258 g (1650 g)
Dimensions:200 x 95 x 40 mm (LxWxH)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Application Range

MaterialMeasuring Range (relative humidity in %)
Wool (Wo)8 – 24.5
Cotton (Bw)2 – 12
Rayon (Zw)3 – 23
Hemp (Ha)2 – 15.5
Jute (Ju)3 – 21.5
Paper (Pa)2 – 16.5
Linen (Li)4 – 14.5
Nylon (PA)1.5 – 6
Acryl (PAC)0.1 – 2.4
Polyester (PES)0.5 – 3.5
50 PES/50 Zw4 – 12.5
50 PES/50 PAC0.5 – 1.5
50 PES/50Bw1 – 7
67 PES/33 Bw1 – 4.5
70 PES/30 Zw1 – 9.5
70 PES/30 Wo2 – 6.5
67 PAC/33 Bw2 – 6
70 PAC/30 Wo3 – 8
60 Bw/40 PES2 – 9
50 Wo/50 Zw4 – 24

Standard Accessories

  1. Measuring Cable

    Verbindungskabel für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    To connect the holder to the instrument, 1 m length
    Order number: 50400M

  2. Electrode Holder

    Elektroden-Halter für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    For mounting different electrodes, weight 100 g
    Order number: 50404M

  3. Needle Electrode, Needle Length 100 mm

    Nadel-Elektrode für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DTH-2

    For measuring yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks, 2 needles, needle length 100 mm, weight 40 g
    Order number: 50414M

  4. Needle Electrode, Needle Length 60 mm

    Nadel-Elektrode für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    For measuring yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks, 8 needles, needle length 60 mm, weight 60 g
    Order number: 50418M

More Electrodes

  1. Thermo-Hygrometric Probe

    Temperatur-Feuchtigkeitssonde für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    Using a second input the Thermo-Hygrometric probe can be connected to the display unit. To display the readings, the correct unit has to be selected using the 2 push buttons on the display unit.
    Temperature range: -30 up to 70 °C
    Humidity: 5 up to 95 % RH.
    170 mm Length, Weight 60 g
    : 50428M

  2. Needle Electrode, Needle Length 300 mm

    Nadel-Elektrode für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    For measuring textiles in sacks and rolls, especially yarn and fabrics, needle length 300 mm, insulated shank 35 mm, weight 150 g
    Order number: 50412M

  3. Roller Electrode

    Rollen-Elektrode für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    Roller electrode for measuring running webs of fabrics, 27 mm roller diameter, weight 120 g
    Order number: 50416M

  4. Surface Electrode

    Flächen-Elektrode für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    For measuring fabrics, surface diameter 30 mm, weight 56 g
    Order number: 50426M

  5. Calibration Electrode

    Kalibrier-Elektroden für Textilfeuchtigkeitsmesser DHT-2

    Set of 2 different calibration electrodes with fixed moisture values. Needed for verification and readjusting of the instrument.
    Order number: 50422M

Comparison Table
Overview of fiber types listed in manual. For these fibers the moisture can be determined using the comparison tables and the 0 – 100 scale.

Calibration Report (optional)
Calibration Report

Calibration Report in English made with SIT (Italian calibration institute, similar German DKD Institute) certificated electrodes.

Delivery Includes

Textile moisture meter DHT-3 with carrying case and battery, 1 connecting cable, electrode holder, Electrodes no. 50414M and no. 50418M, Manufacturers Test Report, 1 operating instruction with comparison tables in English

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