Sample Cutter 240/100

Sample cut-out of 100 cm²

The cutters are designed to precisely cut samples out of various materials such as fabrics, fleece, knitted fabric , foil or paper. For determination of weight in g/m².

Circular cutter for material thickness max. 5 mm


Special Features

Designed to precisely cut samples of various materials such as fabric, fleece, knitted fabric, foil and paper with max. thickness of 5 mm

Circular cutter for quick cuts with size of 100 cm²

Sample cutter 240/100 with 4 high quality blades (Made in Germany) for precision cut

Standard Features

Safety locker when circular cutter is not used

Easy to use

Rugged design

Available Models

ModelCutting Thickness
Sample Cut-Out
Sample Diameter
240/100max. 5 mm100 cm²113 mm
230/100max. 10 mm100 cm²113 mmmore
230/50max. 5 mm50 cm²80 mmmore
230/38max. 5 mm12 cm²38 mmmore
230/10max. 5 mm10 cm²36 mmmore

Cutting thickness:Max. 5 mm
Sample cut-out:100 cm²
Blades:4 pieces
Weight net (gross):2200 g (2800 g)
Dimensions:115 x 165 mm (HxØ)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Spare Parts

  1. 60001M - Blades

    Blades for sample cutter 230/100, 230/50 and 240/100

    100 pieces, high quality made in Germany blades (stainless steel)
    Order number: 60001M

  2. 60008M - Blades for Carbon fibre mats

    Klingen für Probenschneider 230/10 und 230/38

    especially for Carbon fibre mats.
    100 pieces, high quality made in Germany blades
    Order number: 60008M

  3. 60003M - Rubber Plate (1 Pieces)

    Rubber plate for sample cutter

    1 piece, material: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), size: 300 x 200 x 10 mm (L x W x H)
    Order number: 60003M

  4. 60004M - Rubber Plates(10 Pieces)

    10 pieces of rubber plates for sample cutter10 pieces, material: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), Size: 300 x 200 x 10 mm (L x W x H)
    Order number: 60004M

  5. 60005M - Spare Handle

    Ersatzgriff für Probenschneider1 Peace
    Order number: 60005M

The material to be cut is placed under the cutter between the rubber plate and the cutter. While holding the cutter with one hand, apply pressure to the handle and rotate clockwise direction by at least 90 degrees.
Delivery Includes

Sample cutter 240/100 with 4 blades installed, 1 rubber plate, 4 spare blades, operating instructions in English only.

Instruction Manual

Download the instruction manual for sample cutter 240/100:

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