PH Series3

  • Tachometer for contact and non-contact measurement
  • Small, compact model
  • Housing: Plastic

Price: from 180 € up to 220 €
DT Series9

  • Tachometer for contact and non-contact measurement
  • Rugged model
  • Housing: Aluminium

Price: from 240 € up to 400 €

A hand held tachometer is a measuring device for determining the speed of motors or shafts, as well as for measuring the speed and length of moving surfaces such as belts and conveyor belts. A distinction is made between a contact and a non-contact tachometer. In addition, some laser portable tachometer can be equipped with an adapter for contact measurements. The devices are equipped with an energy-saving LCD, a highly visible LED as well as OLED or a simple analog display, depending on the type. Electronic models have a variety of adjustable units to measure revolutions per minute, number of revolutions, length and speed. In addition, there are hand held tachometers with USB interface and optional software for displaying and analyzing the measured values on the PC.