Thickness Gauge HSTGB

Measuring range 0 - 12 mm (expandable)
Resolution 0.0001 mm

Thickness Gauge to determine the material thickness of films and foils. With these instruments the most popular checking methods for films and foils similar to DIN and ISO standards can be applied

Thickness according to international standards DIN and ISO

CE mark

Special Features

Thickness gauge HSTGB with granit measuring bench (Ø 200 mm x 40 mm) in laboratory quality

Stainless steel pillar guide

Sturdy extention arm

Rugged construction

Thickness gauge HSTGB are working similar to international standards.

Different measuring feelers and additional weights are available depending on the application area and test standard; on request different standards can be combined in one instrument

The standard measuring range is 0 – 12 mm; By using a gauge block, as well as the preset-function, the measruing range can be changed (e. g. 10 mm gauge block for measuring material thickness from 10 to 22 mm)

The resolution is 0.0001 mm

The feeler is moved upwards with a lifting device

Thickness gauge HSTGB is equipped with an USB interface

Measuring depth 85 mm (centre of the stamp)

Standard Features

Thickness gauge HSTGB with LCD display – switchable measuring units mm / inch

The instrument is easy to use

Calibration report and DAkkS inspection certificate optional

Available Models

Ø mm
Test Pressure
HSTGB-2DIN ISO 4593Films and foilsR40.010…50

We also supply custom designed models, which cover different standards within one instrument. Please inform us, which standards you use and what measuring force and feeler size is required. We will send you our suggestion.
The device is also available as model HSTGA with lower resolution and model HSTGC with more stable lever.


Measuring range:0 – 12 mm, Option 10 – 22 mm
Resolution:3 resolutions adjustable
Resolution: 10 µm – max. error 10 µm
Resolution: 1 µm – max. error 3 µm
Resolution: 0.1 µm – max. error 1.8 µm
Measuring depth:Approx. 85 mm (centre of the stamp)
Measuring unit:mm or inch (switchable)
Feeler shape and surface pressure:Similar to international DIN and ISO standards
Output signal:USB
Dimensions:200 x 244 mm (ØxH)
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 6 kg

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Attachment (optional)

Werk-KalFactory calibration certificate: Checking the diameter of the measuring feeler, pressure in kPa and measuring distance in accordance with the
relevant standard
DKD-Cal Calibration report from a DAkkS authorized laboratory for the digital dial gauge (mm values are measured and checked)

Accessories (optional)

  1. Gauge Block

    Gauge block 10 mm for thickness gauge HSTGGauge block 10.0 mm, ceramic.
    Order number: 35050H

Software (optional)

  1. HilMeasure

    Software for thicknessgauge HilMeasure

    Software for data transfer, displaying and analysis of measured data on PC

    • Multi lingual software: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
      Order number: SW-60


Dimensions of thickness gauge HSTGB for download:
Delivery Includes

Thickness Gauge HSTGB with transport packing case, weight and feeler (depending on model), lifting device, operating instruction in English or German

Instruction Manual

Download the instruction manual for thickness gauge HSTGB:

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