Tachometer DT-107A

Hand-held tachometer for accurate contact measurement of revolution of engines or shafts as well as surface speed and length e.g. belts and conveyer belts

Tachometer with LED display and many selectable units

High quality hand-held tachometer for professional use

CE mark
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Special Features

Hand-held tachometer DT-107A for contact measuring of revolutions, line speed and length;
the measurement is carried out, as long as the measuring key is pressed

Conact measuring tachometer

Contact measurement of revolutions, surface speed and length

For exact measurements of revolutions per minute, total revolutions, length and velocity with different metric and English units

16 User selectable measuring units (rpm; rev; m/min; m/h; ft/min; ft/h; yd/min; yd/h; in/min; in/h; mil/h; cm; m; in; ft; yd)

Tachometer DT-107A with large, red, easy to read LED display, recommended at adverse lighting conditions

Hand-held tachometer with automatic and manual memory (MAX, MIN, last and 10 separate readings) for recall in display

Rugged aluminium housing with fixing for tripod (1/4-20 UNC thread)

Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Standard Features

Easy to use

Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included

Available Models

ModelApplication Display
DT-107Acontact measuring LED
DT-105Acontact measuring LCDmore
DT-205Lcontact measuring and non-contact LCDmore
DT-207Lcontact measuring and non-contact LEDmore
DT-2100contact measuring and non-contact OLEDmore

All models are available with 12 inch (circumference) measuring wheels:
Grooved measuring wheel: e. g. Tachometer DT-107A-12C
Rubber measuring wheel: e. g. Tachometer DT-107AS (12″ circumference measuring wheel which is offered for safer and easier surface speed measurement by keeping the users hand farther from the moving surface and slowing down the rotational speed)


Measuring range:
(Floating decimal point)
Revolution: 0.1 – 25000 rpm; 6 – 9999.9 rph
Speed: z.B. 0.02 – 3810 m/min; 0.9 – 99999 m/h; 0.6 – 99999 in/min;
0.05 – 12500 ft/min; 3 – 99999 ft/h; 0.02 – 4167 yd/min; 1.0 – 9999 yd/h;
0.0006 – 142.5 mil/h
Length: 0.5 – 99999 cm; 0.005 – 99999 m; 0.1 – 9999.9 in; 0.01 – 99999 ft,
0.005 – 9999.9 yd
Accuracy:Revolution: 0 – 999.9 rpm (±0.1 rpm) ±1 digit
1000 – 9999.9 rpm (±1 rpm) ±1 digit
10000 – 25000 rpm (±0.01% of readings) ± 1 digit
Speed and length: ±0.4 % of readings ±1 digit
Measuring unit:Revolution: rpm; rph
Total revolutions (counter): rev
Speed: m/min; m/h; ft/min; ft/h; yd/min; yd/h; in/min; in/h; mil/h
Length: cm; m; in; ft; yd
Memory:13 readings (incl. MIN + Max + last) for 5 minutes after last use
Resolution:Length: 0.00254 m/impulse with 6 inch Measuring wheel
revolution: 60 impulse/revolution
Display:5 digit, LED 10 mm
Display update:1 s
Over range indicator:Display is flashing
Auto power off:After 10 s of non-use
Power supply:2 x 1.5 V type AA; approx. 40 h continuous use
Low battery indicator:”B” flashes in the display
Temperature range:5 – 45 °C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Housing material:Die-cast aluminium
Tripod fixing:1/4-20 UNC thread
Dimensions:183 x 60 x 46 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 350 g (approx. 800 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Standard Accessories

  1. Rubber Tip

    Tachometer DT-107AS with rubber tipTip for contact measurement of revolutions (rpm)
    Order number: 10006S

  2. Funnel Tip

    Tachometer DT-107AS with with funnel tipTip for contact measurement of revolutions (rpm)
    Order number: 10007S

  3. Rubber Measuring Wheel

    Tachometer DT-107A with 6 inch rubber measuring wheelWheel with 6 inch circumference for measuring line speeds
    Order number: 10002S

  4. Extension

    Tachometer DT-107AS with extension shaft and rubber tipShaft 75 mm long,
    Order number: 10008S

Accessories (optional)

  1. Grooved Wheel

    Tachometer DT-107A with 6 inch grooved measuring wheelMeasuring Wheel (6 inch circumference) with special groove for measuring yarn and wire speeds
    Order number: 10005S

  2. Calibration Certificate

    KalibrierberichtCalibration certificate with calibration report is optional available.


Dimensions of tachometer DT-107A to download:
Delivery Includes

Tachometer DT-107ATachometer DT-107A with 2 batteries, carrying case, 2 rubber tips, 1 funnel, 1 rubber measuring wheel (6 inch circumference), 1 extension 75 mm, Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 free of charge and operating instructions in German and English

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