Thickness Gauge K-50-5

Measuring range: 0 - 50 mm
Resolution: 0.1 mm

Thickness gauge to determine the thickness of leather, textiles, cardboard, felt, rubber, sheet metal, foil, plywood, plastic, foam and more

Self opening thickness gauge for fast and reliable easy measurements

Special Features

Thickness gauge K-50-5 features an easy to read analog display along with the high accuracy

The thickness gauge is available with 5 different feelers, which can be found below

Measuring by pressing the plunger rod

Opening by spring force – self opening thickness gauge K-50-5
Federkraft zum Öffnen des Dickenmessers

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range
ResolutionDepth of jaw
K-50-550 mm0.1 mm50 mm
K-1510 mm0.1 mm15 mmmore
KA-5010 mm0.1 mm50 mmmore
K-5010 mm0.1 mm50 mmmore
K-50-220 mm0.1 mm50 mmmore
K-50-330 mm0.1 mm50 mmmore
K-10030 mm0.1 mm100 mmmore
K-20030 mm0.1 mm200 mmmore
K-30030 mm0.1 mm300 mmmore
K-40030 mm0.1 mm400 mmmore
K-600-505 mm0.1 mm600 mmmore

To order, please indicate the desired feeler, e.g. K-50-5-B for gauge with feeler “B”


Resolution:0.1 mm
Measuring range:50 mm
Depth of jaw:50 mm
Bezel diameter:54 mm
Feeler shape:A/B/C/D/E
Measuring principle:Self opening
Weight, net (gross):350 g (400 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Feeler Shape

  1. Feeler A (flat)

    for rubber, felt*, soft materials*, non wovens* etc., diameter 30 mm

    *meets no DIN EN ISO standards

  2. Feeler customized (flat)

    For rubber, felt*, soft materials*, non wovens*, etc.,
    customized feeler type “A” are available with diameter 31- 56 mm on request at extra charge

    *meets no DIN EN ISO standards

  3. Feeler B (flat)

    For rubber, felt*, soft materials*, non wovens*, etc., diameter 20 mm

    *meets no DIN EN ISO standard

  4. Feeler C (flat)

    For soft leather, cardboard, paper, foils, etc., diameter 10 mm

  5. Feeler D (curved)

    For hard leather, plywood, fiberboard, etc., diameter 10 mm, radius 15 mm

  6. Feeler E (spherical)

    For sheet metal, etc. diameter 5 mm, radius 1.59 mm

To order, please indicate the desired feeler, e.g. K-50-5-B for gauge with feeler “B”

Accessories (optional)

  1. Foot

    fuss_dickenmesser_grossThe foot changes the for hand-held use designed thickness gauges of series K-50, K-100, J-50, J-100, F-1000-30, as well as the models with digital display into a gauge for on-table operation. They can be used for a lot of applications.
    Order number: 30012K

  2. Calibration Report

    Kalibrierbericht für DickenmesserFor the dial gauge a specific test report including calibration report can be delivered.

Delivery Includes

Thickness gauge K-50-5 with transport packing case

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