Display Unit SCD-1

Display unit with LCD display for 1 sensor. All tension sensors with analog output signal 0 - 1 V can be connected.

Display for wall-mounting or as desktop device. Analog and digital output

Universal display unit for quick installation

CE mark

Special Features

The display is suitable  to connect sensors with analog output 0 – 1 V DC

Various output signals are available:
– analog: 0 – 10 V  DC
– digital: RS-232

Display unit SCD-1 with a small, compact housing, possibility for wall mounting

User set limits (Min and Max alarms) with LED indication and open collector output for external control units

Easy calibration to customized material by the operator – zero and gain calibration is required for the connected sensor

Adjustable damping for easier reading if tension fluctuates

Easy operation using keys: menu for configurating the device (alarm limits, damping, engineering units, tension range)

Adjustable damping for output signal and display for easier reading if tension fluctuates

Standard Features

The instrument provides  the required power  (+15 V DC) for the connected sensor

Power supply by separate AC adapter

Display unit with Dotmatrix LCD display, 12 mm high with backlight

CE certified with sensor connected

Available Models

ModelSensors suitable for connectionOuput Signal
SCD-1Sensors with amplifier (0 – 1 V)0 – 10 V DC, RS-232, Open Collector
Special Features

Digital display:Dotmatrix LCD, 12 mm high with backlight
Engineering  units:cN, daN, g or kg adjustable
Tension range:Adjustable
Damping (fg):16 steps adjustable
Output signal:Analog: 0 – 10 V DC R (Last) ≥ 5 kOhm
Digital: RS-232 (19200, 8, N, 1), 80 values/s
Setpoints:Programmable MIN/MAX limits with LED-diode
Output signal setpoints:Open collector max. 30 V DC, 20 mA
Input signal:0 – 1 V DC
Exit hub:2 x Mini-DIN (PS2)
Voltage output for sensor:Yes
Power supply:15 … 24 V DC/AC 100 mA
AC adapter 100 – 240 V AC, 50 – 60 Hz with 3 adapters (EU/USA/UK)
Temperature range:10 – 45° C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Dimensions:182 x 85 x 34 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 300 g (approx. 1000 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Accessories (optional)

  1. Software Tension Inspect 3

    Software Tension Inspect 3

    Software for displaying and saving readings on a PC (Win XP and higher; 32 bit and 64 bit).
    – Real-time reading
    – The readings are also shown in a X-Y- diagram (time/date-tension)
    – For data analysing the buffered diagram can be zoomed and scaled
    – Recording of the buffered readings as CSV-file (on user request)
    – Download of values to Excel
    Order number: SW-TI3

  2. Connecting Cable for TS sensor

    Kabel mit 2 Diodensteckern für Zugspannungssensoren Modellreihe TS

    Cable with 2 diode plugs . For connecting the TS sensor to the display unit SCD-1.
    Order number: EK0603, Length 3 m
    Order number: EK0605, Length 5 m
    Order number: EK0610, Length 10 m

  3. Connecting Cable for FS sensor

    Anschlusskabel EK0624

    Cable with M9 Sub-miniatur connector and diode plug. For connecting sensors of FS series to the display unit SCD-1, length 2 m.
    Order number: EK0624

  4. RS-232 Connecting Cable

    Anschlusskabel EK0647 für Anschluss an eine PC über RS 232

    Cable for the RS-232 interface to connect the display unit to a PC, length 2.5 m.
    Order number: EK0647

  5. USB Adapter

    USB-RS-232 Adapter

    Adapter from RS-232 to USB.
    Order number: EBG510

  6. Connecting Cable for analog output and open collector

    Kabel EK0648 für den analogen Ausgang

    Cable for the analog output and MIN – MAX interface (Open Collector), length 2.5 m
    Order number: EK0648

Output signal

Calibration Report

title page calibration certificate 3.1Inspection Certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204
A Calibration Report is only available when delivery
occurs with sensor.

Delivery Includes

Display unit SCD-1 with transport packaging, 1 AC adapter, operating instruction in German and English, Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according to EN 10204 free of charge

Instruction Manual

Download the instruction manual of display unit SCD-1.

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