Test Stand HV-1000N

max. capacity 1000 N

Vertical manual test stand with hand wheel for measuring compression and tension forces

Rugged design

Test stand is available with distance measuring system and extended stroke

Special Features

Test stand HV-1000N with manual hand wheel operation for compression (push) and tension (pull) measurements

Force gauge remains in position when hand wheel is released – ideal for “creep” testing rubber or other elastic materials

Hand wheel operation allows you to position the gauge, hold it in place or advance it at a constant manual speed

Max. capacity: 1000 N

One turn of the hand wheel = 1.2 mm

Travel distance 370 mm

Test stand for the following force gauges up to 1000 N:
– mechanical – model PS and FB
– electronic – model DST, DSV, ZTS and ZTA
– electronic – model FGP and FGJN with adapter plate MP-S

Standard Features

Large baseplate to take up a lot of clamps and testing devices

Delivery of the test stand includes mounting screws for the force gauge

Force gauge is not included

Available Models

HV-1000N1000 Nstandard unit
HV-1000N-S1000 Nwith distance measuring system
HV-1000N-L630< 1000 Nwith extended stroke

Capacity:Max. 1000 N
Travel distance:370 mm (Standard)
Stroke with force gauge ZTS/ZTA:Max. 375 mm (Standard)
Feed:1.2 mm per turn of the hand wheel
Dimensions:305 x 275 x 730 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross): 18 kg (21 kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Accessories (optional)

  1. Clamping Tools

    Different clamping toolsDepending on the application we have a lot of clamping tools and clamps for test stand HV-1000N in our program.

    For more information go to clamps and testing devices


  1. Distance Measuring System

    Distance Measuring System for Test Stands Code SFor exact determination of the travel distance, test stand HV-1000N can be equipped with a digital measuring system:
    – display in mm or inch
    – zero setting
    – digimatic output
    Resolution: 0.01 mm
    Accuracy: 0.01 mm of reading
    max. measuring range: 300 mm
    Order number: Code S


Dimensions of test stand HV-1000N for download.
Delivery Includes

Test stand HV-1000N without force gauge, mounting screws, mounting plate, operating instruction in English only.

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