Test Stand FRTS

max. Capacity of 5 N, 50 N or 100 N

For testing the texture of food. To control the quality, safety, hardness and feeling of food.

For single and continuous tests

Test stand with digital output signal for data processing with a PC

CE mark

Special Features

Removable control panel with touch screen for easy use

Various feeler are available for test stand FRTS

3 different measuring ranges: 5 N, 50 N, 100 N

Easy Cleaning

Adjustable measuring programs:
– choose a food
– choose a standard
– manual adjusting of the measuring conditions

6 programs can be saved as favourites for easy access.

Test stand for single and continuous tests

Adjustable travel speed and stop position

USB interface for fast data transfer to PC; readings can be saved on a USB flash drive and transferred to PC.

Standard Features

Test stand FRTS for generating graphic charts

Sampling rate max. 1000/sec.

Comparison analyse of max. 5 graphs

Storage of the data as CSV-file (compatible for MS Excel)

Save and print the graph of test results

Requires Microsoft.NET Framework 4 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Requires Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1

Available Models

FRTS-5N5 Nmotorized
FRTS-50N50 Nmotorized
FRTS-100N100 Nmotorized
FCA-DSV-50N50 Nmanualmore

Measuring range:5 N, 50 N or 100 N
Accuracy:Force: ±0.2 % full scale ±1 digit
Distance: 0.1 mm ±1 Digit
Measuring units:Force: N, kgf, lbf
Distance: mm, inch
Resolution:Force: 4 digits
Distance: 0.001 mm
Max. sample hight:70 mm (distance between table and sample holder)
Stroke of the table:Approx. 100 mm
Travel speed:0.1 ~ 10 mm/s
Output signal:USB
Power supply:100 – 240 V AC
Temperature:0 – 40 °C
Air humidity:20 – 80 % R. H. max.
Weight:Test stand: 7.7 kg
Control panel: 0.8 kg
Dimensions:185 x 300 x 400 mm (LxWxH) – without control panel

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Standard Accessories

  1. Force Recorder Professional (FRT Version)

    Screenshot Force Recorder Professional– To make adjustments at the test stand
    – Saving data as CSV file
    – Force-displacement graph
    – Force-Time graph

  2. USB Connecting cable

    USB Kabelconnecting the test stand to a PC.
    Cable length 2 m

  3. Conical Probe

    Messteller FR-HA-20JDiameter 20 mm
    Angel of inclination 60°
    Order number: FR-ES-60-20J

  4. Disk Probe

    Messteller FR-HA-20JDiameter 20 mm
    Order number: FR-HA-20J

  5. Sphere Probe

    kugelförmiger Fühler FR-SR-20SDiameter 20 mm
    stainless steel
    Order number: FR-SR-20S

  6. Wedge Probe

    keilförmiger Fühler FR-KS-60-2030JDimensions 30 x 20 mm
    Angle of inclination 60°
    Order number: FR-KS-60-2030J

  7. Inspection Certificate

    Hersteller PrüfprotokollDelivery includes a manufacturers inspection certificate free of charge.


Accessories (optional)

  1. Feeler and Table

    We offer a variety of probes and tables for various kinds of tests.



Dimensions of test stand FRTS for download.
Delivery Includes

Test stand FRTS, power cable, USB-cable, USB flash memory, CD-ROM with USB driver, software Force Recorder Professional, conical probe, disk probe, sphere probe and wedge probe, inspection data sheet and operating instructions in English

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