Tension Meter PT-100-L

3 in 1
Tension: 0.5 - 100.0 cN
Speed: 1999 m/min
Length: 1999 m

For fibers up to 100 tex or 1000 denier

Pocket tension meter for low tension measurements of fibres, yarns etc. used for circular knitting machine

Hand-held instrument , battery operated with LCD display

Handy, 2 roller tension meter with 3 operating modes (tension, speed and length)

CE mark

Special Features

»Multifunctional instrument:«
– Tension Meter
– Yarn Speed Meter
– Yarn Length Meter
to determine the yarn consumption of a single feeder for one or more machine cycles (max. 10 revolutions) of a circular knitting machine

Tension meter PT-100-L with easy Slide-In material threading by cone shaped, ball-bearing mounted guide rollers and turning the instrument

Length Measurement – 2 operating modes:
-“Manual” (without external sensor):
The instrument measures as long as the operator is pressing the button
-“Auto” (with “Reed” magnet Sensor):
Sensor and magnet are supplying a start/stop signal for a user-defined number of machine revolutions (1 – 10)

Automatic »zero setting« to zero the instrument in any measuring position

Adjustable electronic damping to provide steady tension readings

When the series of measurement ends, the average value can be displayed

Tension meter PT-100-L for right and left hand use

User-set measuring units of cN or grams

Measuring head width 24 mm (outer distance of guide rollers)

Powered by rechargeable lithium polymer battery (40 h battery life with 3.5 h charge time) with a universal voltage AC-charger

Standard Features

Tension meter with small, compact aluminium housing

Easy one hand operation

Tension meter with easy to read LCD display

Each instrument is individually calibrated for highest accuracy

CE proofed, interference resistance about static charge

Certificate of compliance with the order 2.1 according DIN EN 10204 is included

Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204 with calibration report (tension only)

to insert the measuring material the instrument must be wrapped by 180 degrees

Inserting the measuring material in tension meter PT-100-L

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range
Measuring Range
Measuring Range
Calibration Material**
PT-100-L0.5 – 100.0 cN0 – 1999 m/min0 – 1999 m/minPA: 0.20 mm Ø
PT-1000.5 – 100.0 cNPA: 0.20 mm Ø
* Speed and length measurement is only possible with a thread tension higher than 10 cN.
** Suitable for 95 % of applications – PA = Polyamide Monofilament

Calibration:According SCHMIDT factory procedure
Accuracy:±1.5 % full scale ±1 digit (not length and speed measurement)
Resolution:Tension: 0.1 cN
Speed: 1 m/min
Length: 1 m
Overload protection:200 % full scale
Measuring units:cN, g, m/min, in/min, m, in switchable
Measuring principle:Strain gauge bridge
Damping:Adjustable electronic damping, averaging
Display:LCD 3 ½ digits, 9 mm high
Display update rate:2 times per second
Auto power off:After 3 minutes off non use
Temperature range:10 – 45 ºC
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Power supply:LiPo accumulator (approx. 40 h continuous use, charging time approx. 3.5 h),
USB AC adapter 100 – 240 V AC with 4 adapters (EU/USA/UK/AUS-NZ)
Housing material:Aluminium
Dimensions:See dimensions
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 170 g (500 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Guide Rollers

Order-CodeLine Speed vmax. … m/minRoller Material
Standard2000Hard-coated aluminium

Standard Accessories

  1. PT-S - Sensor and Magnet


    Reed sensor with cable, mounting angle and magnet
    Cable length: 3 m
    Order number: PT-S

  2. K50202 - USB AC Adapter

    USB AC adapter with 4 adapters and USB cableUSB AC adapter with 4 adapters (EU/USA/UK/AUS-NZ) for 100 – 240 V AC and USB cable for loading the accumulator
    Order number: K50202

Calibration Report

Abnahmeprüfzeugnis-Inspection Certificate Hans Schmidt GmbHInspection Certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204
including a calibration report is optional available



Dimensions of tension meter PT-100-L to download.
Delivery Includes

Lieferumfang des Zugspannungsmessers PT-100-L
Tension meter PT-100-L with carrying case, sensor, cable, extension cable, mounting angle, magnet, USB AC adapter with 4 adapters (EU/USA/UK/AUS-NZ), USB cable, operating instruction in German or English (as requested), certificate of compliance with the order 2.1 free of charge

Instruction Manual

Instruction manual of tension meter PT-100-L:

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