Tension Meter DXH

3 Tension ranges available
from 400 - 5000 cN up to 5 - 20 daN

Special mechanical tension meter for applications where access space is limited or where filaments lie close together

This hand-held instrument is used for control measurements of pretensioned non running ropes and/or polyamide guitar strings.

Tension meter with hooks instead of guide rollers.

Special Features

Tension meter DXH for use in closed force systems

Minimized bending of material

Roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the material

Special finger support located on the rear side reduces the effort to move the outer hooks

Custom-built configurations and special calibration are available

Standard Features

Each instrument is individually calibrated for highest accuracy

41 mm Ø scale

Tension meter with rugged aluminium housing

Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included

Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Gegenhalter für Zugspannungsmesser Modellreihe DXFinger Support

We recommend mounting a finger support for higher tension ranges


Tension meter DXH does not include a material thickness compensator

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range
Measuring Head Width
SCHMIDT Calibration Material*
DXH-5000400 – 5000 cN116 mmPA: 0.8 mm Ø
DXH-10K2.5 – 10 daN116 mmPA: 1.0 mm Ø
DXH-20K-L5 – 20 daN116 mmPA: 1.5 mm Ø
Other tension ranges available on request.
Other units of measure available, such as g or kg.
* Suitable for 95 % of applications – PA = Polyamide Monofilament


Calibration to customized material:
If process material differs significantly from the SCHMIDT calibration material in diameter, rigidity or shape, special calibration using customer supplied samples is recommended. For this purpose a material sample of about 5 m should be supplied.

Tension meter DX2-120Tension Meter DXH can be reconverted for special applications.

Find further information at special design


Calibration:According to SCHMIDT factory procedure
Accuracy:±1 % full scale or ±1 graduation on scale
Scale diameter:41 mm
Temperature range:10 – 45 ºC
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Housing material:Die-cast aluminium
Dimensions:See dimensions
Weight, net (gross):DXH-5000 and DXH-10K approx. 470 g (approx. 1000 g)
DXH-20K-L approx. 580 g (approx. 2000 g)


SCHMIDT scales are manufactured according to the most stringent quality requirements. Printed scales are not used. Instead, each scale is individually marked for the instrument involved. This ensures highest quality. Our special procedure makes it possible to provide tension meter DXH

  • calibrated to custom supplied material
  • fine tuned to a specific tension range
  • other units of measure such as g or kg


  1. Special Lever Code L

    Tension Meter DXH with special leverStandard for tension meter DXH-20K-L.
    Facilitates acquisition of the running material when measuring high tensions. Reduces force necessary to extend outer rollers. Recommended for tension meter DXH-10K.

  2. Memory Pointer Code M

    Scale with pointer for reading and memory pointerRetains the highest measured value (PEAK). Available for mechanical tension meters.

Calibration Report

title page calibration certificate 3.1Inspection Certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204
including a calibration report is optional available



Dimensions of tension meter DXH for download:
Delivery Includes

Scope of delivery tension meter DXHTension meter DXH with carrying case, operating instruction in German or English (as requested), Certificate of compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 free of charge

Instruction Manual

Download the instruction manual of tension meter DXH:

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