Stroboscope DSL-300

Measuring range 30 - 300000 flashes per minute (FPM)
Frequency range 0.5 - 5000 Hz

LED-hand held stroboscope for non-contact determination of revolutions, for monitoring moving parts and ascertain the oscillation frequency of running systems

Industrial stroboscope for battery operation with LCD display

Stroboscope with shock-proofed aluminium housing and 7 LED illuminants

CE mark

Special Features

Stroboscope DSL-300 with easy to read LCD display

7 LED illuminants assure a good illumination of the observing object

1500 Lux at a distance of 20 cm and 6000 FPM

Double-flash-function (x 2) and half-rate-flash function (: 2) for easy and fast determination of the true flash rate

Adjustable flash duration time for best illumination
– e. g. shorter flash period = tighter image
– e. g. longer flash period = more brightening

Adjustable delay time of internal trigger signal and flash for optimal monitoring of motion sequences

Protection class IP65 (splash water and dust protection)

Battery operated

Additional function: Stroboscope DSL-300-T with trigger input and output

External trigger signal
– Adjustable delay time in milliseconds (ms) between external trigger input signal and flash for optimal monitoring e. g. clock frequency or starting period of a machine
– Phase shift between trigger signal and flash to make a rotating part visible in different degrees
– Pulse divider to determine which input pulse should be used as signal for the flash

Standard Features

Selectable units Hz, rpm or FPM

One hand use

Handy, shock protected housing

Calibration report of manufacturers optional available

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range
Trigger Signal
DSL-30030 – 300000 FPM (0.5 – 5000 Hz)no
DSL-300-T30 – 300000 FPM (0.5 – 5000 Hz)yes

Flash range:30 – 300000 FPM (flash per minute), 0.5 – 5000 Hz
Accuracy:±0.02 %, (±1 digit)
Resolution:0.1 (30 – 999 FPM), 1 (1000 – 300000 FPM)
Light intensity:1500 Lux at 20 cm distance and 6000 FPM
Flash duration:Adjustable
Flash color:Approx. 6500 K
Display:LCD multiline
Power supply:3 x AA battery (Standard) or 3 x NiMH Accumulators – AA
Operating time:
(depending on frequency)
Battery approx. 6 h, accumulator min. 6 h at 6000 FPM respectively
Air humidity:95 % RH, max.
Housing material:Aluminium / ABS with shock absorber
Dimensions:191 x 82 x 60 mm (LxWxH)
Weight net (gross):Approx. 420 g (850 g)
Additional Specifications for model DSL-300-T
Trigger Input Principle:Optocoupler, isolated
Low level:< 1 V
Level:3 – 32 V, NPN + PNP
Minimum pulse length:50 µs
Reverse voltage protection:Yes
Trigger Output Principle:Short-circuit and overvoltage proof transistor output to the optocoupler, non isolated
Level:NPN, max. 32 V
Puls length:Adjustable
Maximum current:50 mA
Reverse voltage protection:Yes

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Accessories (optional)

  1. 20003R - Belt-clip holster

    Leather bag for take up the device. For fast mount on a belt.
    Order number: 20003R

  2. Calibration Certificate

    Calibration certificate with calibration report is optional available.

Delivery Includes

Stroboscope DSL-300 with carrying case, 6 batteries AA (incl. 3 spare batteries), manufacturer`s inspection report, manual in English and German
Additional for stroboscope DSL-300-T:
Cable with plug for trigger

Instruction Manual

Download the instruction manual for stroboscope DSL-300:

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