Door Tester Unit ZTA-RDM-2000N

Measuring range 0 - 2000 N

Digital force gauge for determination of closing forces of automatic doors according DIN EN 12445, DIN EN 12650 and JISA4721

High quality force measuring unit with interface (RS-232, analog and USB and memory). This device has a fast measuring frequency for exact acquisition of peak values.

Force gauge with separate remote load sensor

CE mark

Special Features

2 operation modes:
real time – display the actual tension or compression force
peak force – to measure the peak force during a test

Door tester unit ZTA-RDM-2000N with extremely high sampling rate of 2000 times/sec for fast acquisition of peak values

Display update time 10 times/sec

Easy to read display (OLED)

The header and footer of the display can be customized, as well as switched on and off

Programmable high/low set-points for go/no-go testing:
with color-coded LED display: underrun (-NG) – good (OK) – exceeding (+NG) and relay outputs

Storage of 1000 values, which can be recalled:
– on the display
– data transfer to a PC
– for printing with report

Output signal:
– RS 232 C for connecting to a PC
– analog ±2 V DC
– Mitutoyo Digimatic e. g. to print the readings on a printer

Display can be reversed for inverted use; e. g. on vertical test stand

»Zero Set« to zero the gauge in all operating positions

Door tester unit ZTA-RDM-2000N with separate remote load sensor

Force gauge with user switchable units: N, kgf (gf) und lbf (ozf)

Selectable language (english, german, italian, french, spanish, chinese, japanese, korean)

Manufacturers inspection certificate is included

Special features in comparison to standard unit ZTS-RDM-2000N

Readings can be saved on a USB flash drive (Not included in delivery).

2 high/low output values can be set; If the reading reaches one of the output values, data will be sent to external devices (e.g. PC, printer) for data recording

Indication of two peak values per measurement.

Standard Features

Easy to change extension shaft

Door tester unit ZTA-RDM-2000N for exact measuring with an accuracy of 0.2 %

200 % overload protection

Ergonomically-designed, rugged die-cast aluminium housing

Non-slip rubber grip

Operates on rechargeable battery and/or AC adapter

Available Models

ModelMeasuring RangeDescription
ZTA-RDM-2000N0 – 2.000 NIndicator, load cell, extension shafts,
spacer handle and Software
ZTA-DM-2000N0 – 2.000 NIndicator and load cell

The accuracy of the load cell can only be assured, by using with the force gauge, the load cell is adjusted for.


Measuring range:2000 N
Measuring principle:Bidirectional force sensor with strain gauge
Displacement:Max. 5 mm, 500 N per mm, ±1 digit
Extension shift:200, 300 and 500 mm
Sampling rate: 2000 times/s
Accuracy:±2 % full scale ±1 digit
A/D converter:24 bit
Measuring units:N, gf (kgf), ozf (lbf) selectable
Display:4 digit, 14 mm high
Overload capacity:200 % full scale,
symbol flashes at 110 % full scale
Zero adjustment:10 % full scale
Memory:Flash memory of max. 1000 values
recallable peak – tension/compression force
Setpoints:Programmable Max/Min setpoints with color-coded indicators in the LED display
Output signal:RS-232 (8, 1, N, 19200),
analog ±2 V DC,
Temperature range:5 – 45 °C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Low battery indicator:Display flashes
Power supply:Rechargeable NiMH batteries (approx. 8 h continuous use,
approx. 8 h charging time) and/or 230 V AC adapter
Mounting threads for test stand:4 x M4, Depth 5 mm
Housing material:Indicator: Die-cast aluminium
Load cell: Hardened aluminium
Dimensions:Indicator: 191 x 75 x 34 mm (LxWxH)
Load cell: 380 x 94 x 66 (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):Indicator: approx. 490 g (1380 g)
Load cell: 1200 g (1400 g)

Additional functions in comparison to standard unit ZTS

Memory:Readings can be transferred from the internal memory to an USB flash drive or directly saved on it (sampling rate 100 times/sec.)
Setpoints:2 additional setpoints for go/no-go tests can be adjusted
Extended peak mode:Indication of two peak values per measurement

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Standard Accessories

  1. Load Cell

    according to DIN EN 12445, DIN EN 12650 and JIS A4721
    Order number: DM-2000N

  2. ZT Logger

    Software ZT Logger with USB cableUSB cable approx. 1.5 m long, CD-ROM with USB-driver and software “ZT-Logger” for data transfer

  3. AC Adapter

    AC-adapter ADW-6010For 100 – 240 V AC
    Order number: ADW-6010

  4. Inspection Certificate

    Inspection Certificate

    Delivery includes a manufacturers inspection certificate free of charge

Additional Standard Accessories ZTA-RDM-2000N

  1. Force Recorder Standard

    Force Recorder StandardAdditional functions in comparison to Force Recorder Light:
    5 graphs at maximum can be displayed in a table
    Order number: SW-22

  2. Extension Shaft

    dm-etm-verlaengerungFor measuring forces at different positions of the closing operation.
    Order number: DM-ETM-200 – 200 mm
    Order number: DM-ETM-300 – 300 mm
    Order number: DM-ETM-500 – 500 mm

  3. Spacer Handle

    for easy positioning the load cell during measuring with the extension shaft
    Order number: DM-ETM-001

Accessories (optional)

  1. Connecting Cable analog

    Connecting cable for alalog output CB-108For analog output, for connection to a line recorder.
    Length approx. 3 m
    Order number: CB-108

  2. Connecting Cable RS-232

    Connecting cable for CB-208For RS-232 output with sub D 9 female, for connection to PC.
    Length approx. 3 m
    Order number: CB-208

  3. Accumulator

    Accumulator DP-308Nickel metal hydride accumulator, 2-pole connector
    3.6 V, 1300 mAh
    Order number: DP-308

  4. Calibration Certificate

    Calibration ReportCalibration certificate with calibration report is optional available.


Here you can find the dimensions of door tester unit ZTA-RDM-2000N for download.
Delivery Includes

Scope of delivery door tester ZTA-RDM-2000NIndicator with carrying case and separate force sensor, AC adapter, USB connecting cable, USB adapter, CD-ROM with USB-driver, simple software for data transfer, manufacturer`s calibration report, operating instruction in English.
Additional for model ZTS-RDM-2000N
Software Force Recorder Standard, 3 extension shafts (200, 300, 500 mm) and spacer handle

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