Thickness Gauge DD-300

Measuring range 0 - 10 mm / 0.4 inch
(optional 0-25 mm / 1 inch)
Resolution 0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch

Thickness gauge to determine the thickness of textiles, fleece, floor coverings, leather etc. This low cost thickness gauge is suitable for quick comparison measurements.

For thickness measurements similar to DIN EN ISO standards

CE mark

Special Features

Thickness gauge DD-300 features an easy to read digital display along with the high accuracy

The thickness gauge is available with  different feelers and measuring pressure according the material to be used

Standard measuring range up to 10 mm; optional 25 mm (code E) is available

The instrument is equipped  with a  swing-out foot for on-table operation

USB interface for data transfer to PC

Opening by lifting device (lever) – self closing thickness gauge DD-300
Dickenmesser mit Abhebevorrichtung

Standard Features

Easy to use

Digital display with selectable units of measurement (mm or inch)

Zero setting by pushing a button

Manufacturer calibration report is included

Available Models

of jaw
in mm


DD-300-Tsimilar to DIN EN ISO 50840 – 10 mm
0.4 Inch
300 mmTextiles and Non-
woven textiles
50.42201 kPA
DD-300-Vsimilar to DIN EN ISO 9073-20 – 10 mm
0.4 Inch
300 mmStandard fleece56.42250.5 kPA
DD-300-Lsimilar to DIN EN ISO 25890 – 10 mm
0.4 Inch
300 mmLeather100.78549.1 kPA

Please indicate when the optional measuring range 0 – 25 mm (e. g. DD-300-T Code E) is required.
The thickness gauge is available with 50 mm, 200 mm or 500 mm depth of jaw .


Measuring range:0 – 10 mm / 0 – 0.4 inch (option 0 – 25 mm / 0 – 1 inch)
Resolution:0.01 mm / 0.0005 inch
Depth of jaw:300 mm
Display:LCD 4 digit, 8 mm high
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 1050 g (approx.1350 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

Accessories (optional)

  1. Software Measuring Tool

    Software Measuring Tool für Hand-DickenmesserSoftware for data transfer, displaying and analysis of measured data on PC
    – Actual value
    – Average value
    – List of all readings
    – Maximum
    – Minimum
    – Data storage in Excel
    Order number: SW-53

  2. Data cable

    Data cable USB used for data transfer via USB interfaceData cable USB used for data transfer via USB interface
    Order number: 35012W

Delivery Includes

Scope of delivery thickness gauge DD-300Thickness gauge DD-300 with simple carton, battery, additional weight, manufacturer calibration report free of charge

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