Stiffness Tester KWS

3 measuring ranges from 0 - 500 mN up to 1 - 20 N

Stiffness tester to determine the suppleness and stiffness of fabric, fleece, plastic foils, leather, paper and other limp materials

Softometer with RS 232 interface for data processing with a PC

CE mark

Special Features

High repeatability of test results through:
– Elimination of subjective influence by the operator
– Precisely defined test conditions
– Electronic timing of the test procedure

2 operating modes:
– Display of measurement result after 10 sec.
– Instant display of actual values, which change over time when testing materials with relaxation ability

Stiffness tester KWS with tilting test plate, 30° bending radius

Recommended sample size: Max. width 60 mm, max. length 75 mm, max. thickness 5 mm

Options for extending the measuring range by testing multiple layers simultaneously

Softometer with high-resolution LCD display

RS-232 interface for data transfer to PC

Standard Features

Easy to use

Tabletop unit

State-of-the-art sensor technology

Stiffness tester for mains operation 230 V AC

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range
Resolution mN
KWS-5000 – 1500 mN0.5
KWS-20000 – 2000 mN1
KWS-20K1 – 20 N10

Measuring Unit:mN (0.001 N)
Overload protection:50 % full scale, display in case of overload
Sample bending angle:30°, max.
Sample dimensions:Max. width 60 mm, max. length 75 mm, max. thickness 5 mm
Display:Digital, LCD, 13 mm high
Operating modes:Actual value display or display after 10 sec., user-selectable
Interface:RS-232 (8, 1, N, 9600)
Power supply:AC adapter 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Temperature range:5 – 45 °C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Weight net (gross):Approx. 2.4 kg (4 kg)
Dimensions:280 mm x 180 mm x 225 mm (LxWxH)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

A test sample of defined size and thickness is clamped onto the test plate. The test plate is tilted by 30° into the test position, thereby bending the sample under test. The sample presses against the force sensor and the measured force is displayed in newtons (mN).

Delivery Includes

Stiffness tester KWS with transport packing case, AC-adapter, torque wrench and operating instructions in German or English.

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