Area Weight Balance ARR-300 (Not available at the moment)

Capacity: Max. 30000 g/m² or 300 g

Area weight balance to determine the gsm substance or determinate weight in grams of textilies as woven fabrics, fabrics, fleece, paper etc.

Universal balance with highest accuracy at lowest , reasonable price

Special Features

2 Measuring modes:
Area Weight in g/m² for fabric, paper or similar materials
Real weight in g to determine weight

Display with backlight for better reading in dark working areas

Area weight balance ARR-300 with integrated rechargeable battery and AC power adapter for recharging and/or mains operation

Tare function to determine the net weight of materials in carrying boxes

Supplied with calibration weight for recalibration and check of accuracy

Standard Features

Automatic and manual zero tracking

Area weight balance for Quick and accurate testing

Highest accuracy

Balances are helpful and essential for quality checks. They are required to determine the weight per unit area of textile material to maintain production specifications or to determine material costs etc.

Available Models

ARR-300Capacity: 30000 g/m² and 300 g

Capacity:30000 g/m² area weight mode
300 g weight mode
Resolution:1 g area weight mode (g/m²)
0.01 g weight mode
Accuracy:Weight mode ± 3 Digits
Required sample size:100 cm²
Platform size Ø:120 mm
Power supply:Accumulator DC 9 V – 500 mA (12 h continuous use, 12 h recharging time)
AC adapter:*230 V AC or 115 V AC
(if 115 V is required, please specify when ordering)
Temperature range:10 – 45 °C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 1700 g (2700 g)
Dimensions:200 x 220 x 60 mm (LxWxH)

Specifications subject to change without notice!

* Standard 230 V AC

Delivery Includes

Scope of delivery area weight balance AAR-300Area weight balance ARR-300, 1 calibration weight 200 g , 1 AC Adapter 230 V or 115 V (please specify when ordering), operating instructions in English

If you want to get a quote or want to place an order please contact us.

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