Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-2.5

Textile hardness tester (durometer) to determine winding density of closely wound bobbins of synthetic, finished fibers and filaments
Indentor - ball diameter 2.5 mm
The measuring force is according to shore A regulations

Durometer with curved working face for bobbins with diameter up to 400 mm

Special Features

  • The spring loaded outer ring assures a constant measuring pressure and eliminates false readings due to difference between operators
  • Ball shaped indentor prevents damage to bobbins
  • Working face slightly curved to fit on small bobbins, working face radius 55 mm
working face durometer HP 2.5
  • Adjustable Min./Max. indicator marks to highlight working range of the textile durometer
  • For bobbins with diameters over 400 mm use durometer model HP-2.5-F with flat working face e.g warping beams
  • Optionally available: Calibration certificate with calibration report

Standard Features

  • High repeatability
  • Easy to use
  • Display range 0 - 100 hardness graduation marks
  • Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included


For measuring the hardness, the spring-loaded outer ring of the housing is pressed downwards until the edge of the ring meets the red marking on the housing. This ensures a constant pressure and prevents measuring errors.

The principle used to measure textile hardness is based on measuring the resistance force of the penetration of a ball shaped indentor against the spool under a known spring load. The hardness scale covers a range of 0 - 100, were 0 is the smallest and 100 is biggest hardness. The measuring force and the principle relates to the specifications of rubber hardness tester Shore A.

operation durometer HP 2.5

Please note:
There exists no international standard for adjusting and calibration of textile hardness. Therefore we have developed our own test-standard and procedures.

Available Models

ModelBall Application
HP-2.52.5 mmfor closely wound bobbins of synthetic, finished fibers and filaments
HP-55 mmfor loosely wound bobbins of synthetic fibers and closely wound natural fibers, yans and threadsmore
HP-1010 mmfor very loosely wound bobbins of thick yarns, such as carpet yarnsmore

Attachment and Accessories

Memory Pointer Code M

Memory pointer to capture and store value
(last or highest reading) during measuring.
Order code: e. g. HP 2.5-M

Test Stand

Model PSHP for series measurements

Click picture for more information

Test Block

For Textile Hardness Tester with curved working face
Order number: HP-P up to serial-no. 310-5800
Order number: HP-PT from serial-no. 310-5801

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Calibration Certificate

Calibration certificate with calibration report is optional available.

Delivery Includes

scope of delivery durometer HP 2.5: Textile hardness tester with carrying case, Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 free of charge, operating instructions in english or german as requested 


Dimensions For PDF-file please
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Ball 2.5 mm 
Area of application:For closely wound bobbins of synthetic, finished fibers and filaments
Depth of indentation*:0 - 2.5 mm
Test pressure**:Approx. 12.5 N
Measuring spring force*:0.55 - 8.065 N
Display range:0 - 100 hardness graduation marks
Scale diameter:54 mm
Working face diameter:55 mm
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 300 g (500 g)
Dimensions:50 x 58 x 110 mm (LxWxH)

Specifications subject to change without notice!
* Meets requirements of Shore A
** Spring load of outer ring to create constant pressure



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