Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-F Series

Hardness Tester Model HP-2.5-F

Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-2.5-F, Textile Hardness Tester Price: 330
  • Application:
    "Man-made fibres" 
  • For closely wound bobbins of synthetic, finished fibers and filaments
  • Indentor: Ball 2.5 mm

Hardness Tester Model HP-5-F

Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-5-F, Textile Hardness Tester Price: 330
  • Most popular textile hardness tester 
  • For loosely wound bobbins of synthetic fibers and closely wound natural fibers, yarns and threads
  • Indentor: Ball 5 mm

Hardness Tester Model HP-10-F

Yarn Package Hardness Tester HP-10-F, Textile Hardness Tester Price: 330
  • Application: 
    coarse count yarns
  • For very loosely wound bobbins of thick yarns, such as carpet yarns
  • Indentor: Ball 10 mm
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