Textil Moisture Meter TEM I H&M Package

To determine the residual moisture of yarn bobbins, rolls of fabric, etc.
Portable with analog display as H&M Package

Special Features

  • Easy to use moisture meter for many applications
  • Multiple scale for direct readings for wool, rayon and cotton, as well as 0 - 100 scale for comparison tables used for other materials like Polyester, Polyamid and many material mixtures
Analog Display Moisture Meter TEM-1
Direct readings for wool, rayon and cotton,
and 0 - 100 scale for comparision tables
Comparision Table Moisture Meter TEM-1
Comparision tables for 36 fiber
  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Portable, battery-operated
  • Optionally available: Manufacturers test certificate with calibration report

Standard Features

  • A wide choice of needles, knifes, rollers and surface electrodes for many applications
  • The H & M version is delivered with an additional surface electrode
  • Compact housing supplied in leather carrying case with neck strap
Measuring principle
The moisture content is determined by measuring the electrical conductivity of the material which always is proportional to the content of the moisture.

Comparison Table

Comparison Table

Overview of fiber types listed in manual. For these fibers the moisture can be determined using the comparison tables and the 0 - 100 scale.

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Available Models

TEM-HMmoisture meter with standard accessories (complete)
TEMmoisture meter without standard accessories (only display device)

Standard Accessories

Measuring Cable

Length 1 m
Order number: 50200M

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Electrode Holder

To take up various electrodes, weight 100 g
Order number: 50204M

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Needle Electrode

For measuring yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks 
needle length 25 mm, weight 40 g
Order number: 50205M

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Needle Electrode

for measuring yarns, cross-wound bobbins and hanks, etc., needle length 100  mm,
weight 40 g
Order number: 50207

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Surface Electrode

For measuring fabrics, surface diameter 23 mm,
weight 40 g
Order number: 50213M

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Accessories (optional)

Calibration Report

Manufacturers test certificate with calibration report is optional available.

Delivery Includes

scope of delivery moisture meter TEM-1: Instrument with leather carrying case and battery, 1 connecting cable, electrode holder no. 50204, electrodes no. 50205 and no. 50207, 1 operating instructions with comparison tables in 5 languages (german, english, french, spanish, italian)


Measuring ranges:Wool: 8 to 24.5% moisture content
Rayon: 3 to 23% moisture content
Cotton: 2 to 12% moisture content
Comparison measurement: 0 - 100 scale
Battery:9 V E-block
Weight net (gross):Approx. 900 g (1300g)
Dimensions:200 x 250 x 70 mm (LxWxH)

Specifications subject to change without notice!



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