Online Tension Measuring Systems

Measuring principle:

3-Roller Measuring System: Consisting of two outer guide rollers and a middle measuring roller. The tension of the measured material slightly deflects the measuring roller. This deflection (up to 0.5 mm) is measured by a load cell. The built-in amplifier then generates an analog output signal which is proportional to the measured tension. 

1-Roller Tension System: In combination with 2 outer reference guiding points the sensor builds a force triangle. The angle of contact has to be stable. The sensor uses straingauges and supplies a output signal in mV or V (with integrated amplifier).


SCHMIDT Online-sensors and display units:

For the continuous measurement of the running line tensions of threads and yarns, wires, cables, optic and carbon fibers and similar materials, SCHMIDT offers a wide variety of sensors using different guide rollers and frontplate dimensions.

guide rollers for different applications

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Depending on the application, SCHMIDT Online Tension Sensors can be supplied alone or as a part of a complete system:

I. Tension sensor 3-Roller Sensor only

+ for use with customer supplied closed loop control units
+ for use with customer supplied display units
+ for use with customer supplied regulated DC power source

Customer signal processing: For example closed loop control

Output Signal:

- analog signal 0 - 1 V (standard)
- analog signal 0 - 10 V (option)
- current 4 - 20 mA (optional)
- mV/V (optional)
- digitale interface USB, RS 232,
  or RS 422 (optional)


Sensors with USB, RS 232 or RS 422 interface can be connected to a PC without problems.

tension sensor TS1
Software Tension Inspect 3 Software (accessory):
»Tension Inspect 3«
(WIN XP and higher)
The series TS can be mounted online for continuous tension monitoring. The sensor can be connected to a PC using USB, RS 232 or RS 422 (optional) output.
With the programm »Tension Inspect 3« the tension reading of max. 32 TS sensors can be transfered to a PC. All datas are stored in an EXCEL file (.xls).

Main features
+ Real time tension Display (Tension and time)
+ Long time recording using operator set time span
+ Adjustable sampling rate
+ Analyzing and printing of all stored data with time and date (graphs and numeric report)

Please ask for additional information!

II. Complete Tension System 3-Roller Sensor only

Consisting of
- tension sensor and
- display unit
Tension meter TS1 and display unit SCD1 The analog output signal can be used
for recording and control purposes.


III. Tension System 1-Roller Sensor only

- replacing an existing reversing point

- external amplifier with analog outputs

- available with or without guide roller



New Tension Meter


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