Tension Sensor SFZ

8 tension ranges from 0 - 10 N up to 0 - 2000 N

For measuring the tension of running wires, fibre optics, cables, ropes, slim tapes and foils
Single roller tension sensor for installation at an existing deflection pully

Special Features

  • Precision DMS sensor with best accuracy
  • Direct, axial force application
  • High overload proctection (max. 10 times of nominal force)
  • Easy mounting by using mechanical stops and limited space requirements
  • The progressively adjustable axial mounting depth using a drill hole ( 30 mm), enables acurate positioning of the roller depanding on the material path
  • Easy mounting by rollers provided by the customer
  • Required power supply 10 V DC regulated
  • Output signal mV/V
  • Connection to an external amplifier is recommended
  • IP 67 (dust tight and ingress of water) protected, optional IP 54

Standard Features

  • Rugged, stainless steel housing
  • Sensor with highly mechanical rigidity
  • Securely attached, shielded 5 m cable with open ends (longer cables at request)
  • Clamps version optional available
  • Supplied with a 5 m shielded cable with open ends (Optional length are available)

Available Models

ModelNominal Force
SFZ-1010 N
SFZ-2020 N
SFZ-5050 N
SFZ-100100 N
SFZ-200200 N
SFZ-500500 N
SFZ-10001000 N
SFZ-20002000 N


The sensor can be easily mounted everywhere a deviating point respectively a guide roller is built in at the machine. These places can be use as measuring point, assumed the in and outgoing angle is constant.
For mounting, the sensor can be clamped on each position of the cylinder. Alternativ a mounting flange or a clamping block is available (see additional Options)
Please click picture to see
installation suggestions sketch

Calculation of the Tension Range

The tension range can be calculated for every wrapping angle with this formula:

When selecting the nominal measurement force it is necessary to take into account the weight of the guide roll and raise the nominal load respectively, particularly when working with small nominal forces.

Axle Journal

DesignAxle diameter mmSuitable bearing
A (standard)10 f76000 / 6300
B15 f76002 / 6302
C17 f76003 / 6303
According to the application different bearing journals are available (standard: code A = 10 mm)
More information to the design see dimensions

Guide Rollers

Example for rolls, usable for tensions sensor SFZ
You can mount your own guide rollers or Schmidt rollers. A big number of rollers with different geometry and different materials are available on request - send us your demand profile

Cable Connection

Code T (standard)

Axial output with screwed cable gland.
cable length 5 m

Click picture for more information

Code N2

Axial output with straight plug connection M12
cable lenth 5 m

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Code S2

Axial output with right-angled plug connection M12
cable lenth 5 m

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Sensors of model SFD are available with longer cables on request.

Additional Options

Code R

Plug and cable gland code T, N2 and S2 are available with radial cable output.

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Code P

Low-cost model of the sensor according to IP code 54, protected against dust in sufficient quantity and splash water
Mounting Flange

made of stainless steel for mounting the sensor. The flange can be positioned and clamped at any place of the sensor.
Order number: SFZ-AN

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Clamping Block

made of aluminium alloy for mounting the sensor. The flange can be positioned and clamped at any place of the sensor.
Order number: SFZ-KB

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Display Units and Amplifier

Here you can find the recommended display units and amplifiers

Ordering Example

To place an order Model with


Order No.

Please indicate the com-
plete order number.:

SFZ-500 + A + N2R = SFZ-500-A-N2R

Delivery Includes

Force sensor with cable


Dimensions For PDF-file please
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Tension range:10 up to 2000 N - nominal load
Accuracy:0.5 % nominal load
Max. applied force:160 % of nominal load, overload protection afterwards
Overload:10 times of nominal load, max. 3200 N (depending on measuring range)
Transverse force at the axle:max. 100 % nominal load
Axle deflection:approx. 0.5 mm
Measuring principle:Strain gauge bridge
Output signal:5 - 20 N: 1 mV/V
from 50 N: 1.5 mV/V
Max. power supply:10 V DC
Connecting cable:5 m
Bridge resistor:700 Ω
IP code:IP67 (IP54 optional)
Temperature range:10...70 C
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 1100 g (Approx. 1600 g) inclusive 5 m cable

Specifications subject to change without notice!



New Tension Meter


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