Tension Meter SY

2 Tension ranges from 200 - 1500 kg up to 400 - 3000 kg

Mechanical wire rope tension meter to determine the tension of overhead lines, tensioning ropes, contact wires, aerials, etc. up to max. 20 mm .
This hand-held unit is used for control and comparision measurement of pretensioned non running ropes.

Tension meter with large easy to read scale (100 mm )

Special Features

  • Tension meter for rope diameters up to 20 mm
  • Large easy to read scale (100 mm )

Standard Features

  • Rugged aluminium housing

Measuring Principle

With the two outer rollers, the device will be hooked into the strained rope. With a knurled screw, the middle roller will be brought in the measuring position. Operation is based on precisely measuring deflection, caused by the application of a force mid-way between two U-grooved pulley supports. Cable tensions are then determined by nothing the reading on a precision dial indicator that measures the deflection. The measuring result has to be converted from mm reading to the corresponding force in daN with the help of a conversion chart. The smalest rope length to be measured between two fixing points is 5 m.

Available Models

ModelMeasuring Range*Roller DistanceRope Diameter*
SY-600200 - 1500 kg600 mm4 - 10 mm
SY-1000400 - 3000 kg1000 mm8 - 20 mm
*Range and diameter can verify depending material and rope design

Guide Rollers

Order-CodeModelRoller Material
StandardSY-600Aluminium (radius R7)
StandardSY-1000Aluminium (radius R12)

Conversion Chart

Calibration Chart

for read off the tension.
For special ropes we need a material sample of about 5 m to generate a conversion chart.

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Delivery Includes

scope of delivery tension meter SY Tension Meter with aluminium suitecase, operating instructions in german or english as requested


Dimensions For PDF-file please
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Accuracy:5 % of reading
Scale diameter:100 mm
Rollers:Aluminium, 65 mm
Housing material:Aluminium
Dimensions:See dimensions above
Carrying case: 1260 x 155 x 385 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):SY-600: approx. 2.8 kg (approx. 11.4 kg)
SY-1000: approx. 3.5 kg (approx. 12.1 kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice!



New Tension Meter


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