Tension Meter KXE

2 measuring ranges from 0.50 - 20.00 daN up to 0.5 - 50.0 daN

Electronic tension meter for measuring warp threads on stagnant or running weaving machines 
Hand-held tension meter for determining the tension of groups of yarns

The sensor can easily be engaged or disengaged

Special Features

  • Portable measuring head to measure yarn groups of weaving and warping machines 
  • The sensor can easily be engaged or disengaged also while the machine is running
  • Constant measuring width at the yarn group of 50 mm by catch thread system
  • Storage of last, average, Max, MIN, PEAK-MAX, PEAK-MIN tension values during an operator set measuring period
  • Adjustable electronic damping for better reading when tension is constantly changing
  • Battery operation (LiPo accumulator with long runtime and short charging time)
  • LCD display with illuminated backgroud for better reading
  • Display of the tension meter can be reversed for right and left hand use to reach all measuring positions easily
tension meter model KXE with reversed display
  • USB interface for connection to a PC
  • Memory of max. 4000 displayed tension values split up to 255 series of measurements and statistics (Last, AVG, MIN and MAX of displayed values, MIN-PEAK and MAX-PEAK are values measured within a measuring frequency of 1 kHz)
graph of measured values tension meter model KXE
  • 4 different memory modes can be selected by the operator:
    - Mode S: only statistical values per series are displayed
    - Mode L: statistics plus 10 displayed values of each series of measurement
    - Mode C: statistics plus 4000 displayed values arbitrary splited up to 255 series
    - Mode F: as C plus higher sampling rate of 100 Hz = values/s
laptop with software SW-TI3 Model KXE can be connected to a PC with the USB cable
With the programm SW-TI3 Tension Inspect 3 readings can be
displayed, statistically analyzed and saved. For more information
see "accessories"

Standard Features

  • For easy adjusting machine of the same construction to compare tension values
  • Measurements can be made over the total width of the loom
  • Width of outer roller 100 mm, measuring roller width 50 mm
  • Communication with the display unit using standard programs, e. g. Terminal, Win Wedge, Lab View, etc.
  • Display update time 0.5 seconds
  • Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included
  • Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Memory Contents

Memory Contents For PDF-file please
click picture


operation tension meter model KXE Swivel the lever in direction to the handle to move the reference frame with the support rollers upwards. Hold the measuring head over the yarn group, so that it runs parallel to the measuring feeler and the support rollers. Shove the measuring roller through the yarn group, turn the measuring head by 90 and swivel the lever forward.

Available Models

ModelMeasuring RangeResolutionSCHMIDT Calibration*
KXE-20K0.50 - 20.00 daN0.01 daNfabric tape
KXE-50K0.5 - 50.0 daN0.1 daNfabric tape
* Suitable for 95 % of applications

Standard Accessories

Tension Inspect 3

For displaying and saving readings on a PC (Win XP and higher; 32 bit and 64 bit)
Order number: SW-TI3

Click picture for more information

Connecting Cable

For USB output for connecting the tension meter to a PC.
Cable length 2 m
Order number: EK0662

Click picture for more information
Mains Adapter

with 3 adapters (EU/USA/UK) for worldwide use,
100 - 240 V AC
Order number: K50202

Click picture for more information

Calibration Report (optional)

Calibration Report

Inspection Certificate 3.1 according DIN EN 10204
including a calibration report is optional available.

Delivery Includes

scope of delivery tension meter KXE: Tension meter and sensor with transport packaging,
USB cable, software Tension Inspect 3, AC adapter,
operating instruction in german or english (as requested)
and Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according
EN 10204 free of charge


Dimensions For PDF-file please
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Display unit:
Calibration:According to Schmidt factory procedure
Accuracy:for 10 % to 90 % of range:
1 % full scale and 1 digit
for remainder of range:
3 % full scale and 1 digit
Measuring units:daN
Overrange:10 % full scale, without accuracy guarantee
Overload protection:200 % full scale
Measuring principle:Strain gauge bridge
Signal processing:Digital 24 bit A/D converter
Damping:Adjustable electonic damping (Moving averaging)
Measuring frequency:1 kHz internal only (MIN-PEAK, MAX-PEAK)
Display:4 digit, 11 mm high
Display update time:Approx. 2 times per second, 2 Hz (Last, AVG, MIN, MAX)
Memory:Max. 4000 values plus statistics
Output signal:USB
Communications frequency:1 to max. 100 readings/s
Connection Cable:Sensor to display unit 1.5 m
Temperature Coefficient:Gain: less than 0.01 % full scale /C
Temperature range:10 - 45 C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Auto power off:Appox. after 3 minutes of non-use
Power supply:LiPo accumulator (approx. 60 h continous use, charging time approx. 3.5 h)
and AC adapter 100 - 240 V AC with adapters (EU/USA/UK)
Housing material:Aluminium profile with plastic outer casing (PVC)
Dimensions:See dimensions above
Weight net:Approx. 340 g

Measuring Rollers:2 x 22 mm ball bearing rollers, total 50 mm
Width of outer rollers:100 mm (ball bearing rollers)
Reference frame height adjustment:24 mm
Material:Anodized aluminium
Reference Frame Dimensions:108 x 138 mm
Weight, net:Approx. 1000 g

Total weight gross:Approx. 1800 g

Specifications subject to change without notice!



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