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Stroboscopes MS Series

LCD Stroboscopes MS Series, battery operation Price: 620
  • Measuring range:
    up to 12500 rpm
  • Frequency range:
    up to 208 Hz
  • Compact handy design
  • Battery operated
  • Housing: ABS

Stroboscopes 3000 Series

Stroboscopes 3000 Series, LCD Display, Hans Schmidt Price:
from 650 to 990
  • Measuring range:
    up to 20100 rpm
  • Frequency range:
    up to 335 Hz
  • compact, handy design 
  • Mains or battery operated 
  • housing: plastic shatterproof
  • Stroboscopes DT Series

    Stroboscopes DT Series, LED Displays Price:
    from 650 to 800
    • Measuring range:
      up to 35000 rpm
    • Frequency range:
      up to 585 Hz
    • Rugged industry-design
    • Mains or battery operated
    • Housing: Aluminium
      profil, ABS or poly-

    Stroboscopes LED Stroboscopes

    LED Stroboscope DSL Series Price:
    from 445 to 870
    • Measuring range:
      up to 300000 rpm
    • Frequency range:
      up to 5000 Hz
    • Rugged industry-design
    • Mains or battery operated
    • Housing: polycarbonat
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