Spring Tester ST

Measuring range: 0 - 5 N or 0 -50 N (spring force), 25 mm (spring travel)

Spring tester for quick measurements on site during production

Special Features

  • 2 Displays: Spring force in N
                     Spring travel in mm or inch
  • Handy instrument for quick go/no-go testing on site
  • Suitable for measuring compression and tension springs

Standard Features

  • Zero Setting: Zero adjustment prior to measuring force and travel readings
  • Force display as actual value or peak value (peak, memory pointer function)
  • Microprocessor controlled for high accuracy
  • Battery operated


Insert spring in unloaded state. Reset the two displays for spring force and spring travel. Depending on the spring type, tension or compress the spring with the thumb piece or the wheel provided on the side of the the instrument. The force and the travel of the spring are now indicated on the display.
For comparative purposes, you can set the spring force and spring travel to the required values and use these as the setpoints.
The instrument will then display the deviations from the setpoints. The spring tester can measure cylindrical helical compression springs and helical tension springs. The following criteria apply.

Available Models

ModelMeasuring RangeDesign
ST-50 - 5 Nwithout fine tuning
ST-500 - 50 Nwithout fine tuning
ST-5-E0 - 5 Nwith fine tuning
ST-50-E0 - 50 Nwith fine tuning


Code E

Handweel for fine tuning when testing a spring

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Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories

Various hooks, pressure disks and extension shafts are provided for holding the springs.

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Delivery includes


Spring forceSpring travel
Measuring range:0 - 5 N or 0 - 50 N0 - 25 mm
Accuracy:▒1 % Full Scale ▒1 digit▒0.02 mm ▒1 digit
Resolution:0.1 N or 0.01 N0.01 mm
Measuring principle:Strain gate bridgecapacitiv
Measuring frequency:Internal approx. 5 kHzover 2 m/s
Signal processing:Digital, 12 Bit A/D-Converter
Overload:200 %
Display:LCD 4 digits, 11 mm highLCD 4 digits, 7 mm high
Display update rate:Approx. 3 times per second,
internal selectable
Required power supply:2 x 1.5 V, type AAA1.55 V, type SR44
Functions:OFF - ON - Resetting,
HOLD (Max-value)
OFF - ON, inch/mm,
Temperature range:10 - 45 ░C
Humidity:85 % RH, max.
Dimensions:Approx. 220 x 74 x 42 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 600 g (1200 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!



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