Yarn Speed and Length Meter YS-20

Combined hand-held tachometer:
-  speed and length meter for filament and similar materials
-  hand-held tachometer for contact and non-contact measurement e.g engine
Tachometer with 7 selectable measuring units

Special Features

  • Combines the function of four seperate instruments in one
  • Speed and length meter
  • Tachometer for contact measuring of revolutions
  • Tachometer for contact measuring of velocity of rotation
  • Tachometer for non-contact measuring of revolutions
  • 2 Slide-in measuring adapters make it simple to convert from contact to non-contact or to speed and length measurement
yarn speed and length measuring
Yarn speed and                           
length measuring

with yarn measuring adapter
contact and non-contact measurement
Measuring of revolutions:
non-contact measuring with
reflective tape and contact
measuring with adapter
  • User-selected units:
    Linear Speed: meters/min, feet/min, inches/min
    Length: meters, feet, inches
    Revolutions: rpm
  • Built-in memory for minimum, maximum and last values

Standard Features

  • Easy to use
  • Rugged plastic housing with rubber sheathing for firm and safe handling
  • Easy to read display

    Yarn measuring adapter with rubber coated measuring wheel and unique "wrapper" roller for speed and
     length measurement of filaments (max. 0.5 mm ) or thin, flexible wires (max. 0.3 mm ). This precision roller
     directs the filament on to the low-inertia, U-grooved measuring wheel to maximize contact and eliminate
     filament slip and breakage.

Available Models

YS-20speed and length meter as well as hand-held tachometer

Standard Accessories

Rubber Tip

For contact measurement of revolutions (min-1)
Order number: 99901R

For contact measurement of revolutions (min-1)
Order number: 10004R

100 mm long
Order number: 100003R
Rubber Measuring Wheel

10 cm circumference, for measurement of line speed
Order number: 10001S
Rubber Measuring Wheel

6 inch circumference, for Measurement of line speed
Order number: 10002S
Yarn Measuring Adapter

With rubber measuring wheel
Order number: YS-F

For contact measuring
Order number: 10006R
Reflective Tapes

For non-contact measuring

Spare Parts

Reflective Tape Set

Set with 140 self-adhesiv reflective tapes, (1 Set = 4 x 35 pieces)
Order number: 10009S

Delivery Includes

scope of delivery yarn speed and length meter YS-20: Tachometer with carrying case and standard accessories:
2 batteries, 1 yarn measuring adapter with rubber measuring wheel, 1 adapter for contact measuring, 1 rubber tip for contact measuring, 1 funnel, 2 rubber measuring wheels (10 cm, 6 inch circumference), 1 extension, 1 strip of reflective tapes, operating instruction in german and english


Measuring ranges:Yarn speed measurement
0.10 ... 1999 m/min
0.40 ... 6550 feet/min
4.00 ... 78700 inch/min
0.10 ... 33.30 m/sec
0.10 ... 109 ft/sec
Yarn length measurement
0.00 ... 99999 m
0.00 ... 99999 feet
0.00 ... 99999 inch
Revolution measurement
Non-contact measurement: 1.00 ... 99999 min-1
Contact measurement: 0.10 ... 19999 min-1
Accuracy:0.2 % of displayed value 1digit
Measuring units:Speed: m/min, feet/min, inch/min, m/sec, ft/sec
Length: m, feet, inch
Revolutions: min-1
Display:5 digit LCD, 10 mm high - floating decimal point
Measuring system:Speed/Length: Slide-on measuring head with 30 mm diameter measuring wheel and wrapper roller
Non-Contact Tachometer: Visible LED light beam
Contact Tachometer: Slide-on measuring head with cone tip and surface speed wheel (10 cm circumference)
Yarn/wire diameter:Yarn: max 0.5 mm
Wire: max 0.3 mm
Memory:Min, Max, last reading, all retained in memory for the life of batteries
Sensing distance:600 mm
Display update time:1 s
Auto Power Off:After 30 s of non-use
Temperature range:5 - 45 C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Power supply:Batteries 2 x 1.5 V Typ AA (approx. 20 h continuous use)
Housing material:ABS plastic
Dimensions:145 x 60 x 30 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 150 g (700 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice!



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