Test Stand SVL-1000N

Max. capacity 1000 N

Vertical manual test stand with hand lever for measuring compression and tension forces
Rugged design

Test stand is available with distance measuring system, counter unit and extended shaft

Special Features

  • Test stand with manual lever operation for compression and tension measurements
  • Lever action allows rapid testing
  • Max. capacity 1000 N
  • Travel distance 60 mm (with hand lever)
  • Clearance: Lever unit is infinitely adjustable from 0 to 265 mm
  • Test stand for the following force gauges up to 1000 N:
    - mechanical - model PS and FB
    - electronic - model  DS2, ZTS and ZTA
    - elecronic - model FGB and FGC with adapter plate MP-S

Standard Features

  • Large baseplate to take up a lot of clamps and testing devices
  • Delivery of the test stand includes mounting screws for the force gauge 
  • Force gauge is not included

Available Models

Model1000 NDescription
SVL-1000N1000 Nstandard unit
SVL-1000N-S1000 Nwith distance measuring system
SVL-1000N-C1000 Nwith counter unit
SVL-1000N-L1000 Nwith extended shaft (max. 610 mm)

Accessories (optional)

Clamping Tools

Depending on the application we have a lot of clamping tools and clamps in our programm.

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Code S

For exact determination of the travel distance
Order number: Code S

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Counter Unit

displays the fulfilled number of strokes
Order Number: Code C

Delivery Includes

Test stand without force gauge, mounting screws, operating instruction in english only


Dimensions Für PDF-file please
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Capacity:Max. 1000 N
Travel distance:60 mm
Clearance:0 - 265 mm (Standard)
Dimensions:200 x 280 x 410 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 7.3 kg (approx. 9.3 kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice!



New Tension Meter


With one click you can download the information sheet for our new tension sensor.


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