Test Stand SH-1000N

Max. capacity 1000 N

Horizontal manual test stand with hand wheel to measure compression and tension forces
Rugged design for heavy duty

Test stand is available with extended stroke and distance measuring system

Special Features

  • Horizontal hand wheel test stand for compression and tension measurements
  • Max. capacity: 1000 N
  • Hand wheel provides relative consistant manual speed for repeatable tests
  • Force gauge remains in position when hand wheel is released
  • Travel distance 280 mm
  • Feed of the handwheel: 1 complete turn, 1.2 mm feed 
  • Test stand for the following force gauges up to 1000 N
    - mechanical - model PS and FB
    - electronic - model DS2, ZTS and ZTA
    - electronic - model FGB and FGC with adapter plate MP-S

Standard Features

  • Delivery of the test stand includes mounting screws for the force gauge
  • Force gauge is not included

Available Models

SH-1000N1000 Nstandard
SH-1000N-S1000 Nwith distance measuring system

Accessories (optional)

Clamping Tools

Depending on the application we have a lot of clamping tools and clamps in our programm.

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Distance Measuring System

For exact determination of the travel distance
Order number: Code S

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Delivery Includes

Teststand without force gauge, mounting screws, operating instruction in english only.


Dimensions For PDF-file please
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Capacity:Max. 1000 N
Travel distance:280 mm (Standard)
Stroke with ZP/Z2:Max. 250 mm
Feed per one turn:1.2 mm
Table height adjustment:Max. 24 mm
Dimensions:560.5 x 265 x 219.5 mm (LxWxH)
Weight, net (gross):Approx. 15 kg (18 kg)

Specifications subject to change without notice!



New Tension Meter


With one click you can download the information sheet for our new tension sensor.


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