Display Unit and Amplifier FA Plus

Digital force analyzer and amplifier with USB, RS 232 and analog output. Display unit for use with a load cell.
Display unit with high sampling rate of 2000 measurings/sec

Digital force analyzer with digital output signal for data processing with PC

Special Features

  • 2 operation modes:
    real time - display the actual tension or compression force
    peak force - to measure the peak force during a test
  • Digital Force analyzer with USB interface for fast data transfer of 2000 measurements/s to a PC
  • Force measuring device with high sampling rate of 2000 times/s for fast acquisition of peak values
  • Display update time 10 times/s
  • Force gauge with user switchable units: N, gf (kgf) und ozf (lbf)
  • Output signal:
    - RS 232 C for connection to a PC
    - analog 2 V DC
    - USB for fast data transfer to a PC
  • Programmable high/low set-points for go/no-go testing:
    with color-coded LED display:  underrun (-NG) - good (OK) - exceeding (+NG) and relais outputs
Display Digital Force Analyzer FA Plus
  • Alarm indication in display and output signal in case of overload for series MX
  • Zero Set to zero the gauge in all operating positions

Standard Features

  • Digital force analyzer can be used with numerous load cells for different applications
  • Force measuring device for exact measuring with an accuracy of 0.2 %
  • 200 % overload protection  
  • Display Unit with large, easy to read LCD display
  • Rugged housing
  • Mains operation

Available Models

FA Plusfor connecting to a load cell

Standard Accessories

Inspection Certificate

Delivery includes a manufacturers inspection certificate free of charge

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Accessories (optional)

F-S Recorder

Software for data acquisition by USB output
Order number: SW-30

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Connecting Cable

For analog output, for connection to a line recorder, length 3 m
Order number: CB-104
Connecting Cable

For RS 232 output with sub D 9 female, for connection to PC, length 3 m
Order number: CB-204
Connecting Cable

Connecting cable for display unit FA-Plus with test stand (Series EMX and MX2) to stop feed at Fmax or overload (force control) and with test stand (Series EMX-FA) for detecting force-displacement values.
Order number: CB-705

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Connecting Cable

for display unit FA-Plus with test stand (Series EMX-FA) to for detecting force-displacement values,
with additional RS-232C output
Order number: CB-707
Connecting Cable

for display unit FA-Plus with test stand (Series MX)
Order number: CB-601

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Delivery Includes

Display unit, USB connecting cable, 1 CD-ROM with USB-driver and simple software for data transfer and operating instruction in english


Dimensions For PDF-file please
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Accuracy: 0.2 % full scale, 1 digit (with DPU load cells)
Measuring units:N (kN), kgf (gf), ldf (ozf) whlbar
Display:4 digit, LCD
Overload protection:200 % full scale
symbol flashes at 110 % full scale
Measuring frequency:2000 times/sec
Zero adjustment:10 % full scale
A/D converter:16 bit SAR
Setpoints:Programmable Max/Min setpoints with color-coded indicators in the LED display
Output signal setpoints:Open collector: +NG, OK, -NG, OVL;
30 V DC, 10 mA
(can be used to switch off the test stands of series MX)
Output signal:RS 232 C,
analog 2 V DC,
Temperature range:0 - 40 C
Air humidity:85 % RH, max.
Power supply:100 - 240 V AC
Housing dimensions:210 x 160 x 99 mm (LxWxH)
Weight:1.5 kg (without sensor and accessories)

Specifications subject to change without notice!



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