Force Gauge and Test Stands

General Information

  • To measure com-
    pression, tension
    (push and pull) and
    peeling forces
  • Typical applications and application industries
  • Clamps and Testing Devices

    Clamps and testing devices for force gauges and test stands
  • Different grips for
    all Force Gauges
  • Load Cells and display units

    Load cells, Hans Schmidt Price:
    from 270 to 1.570
    • For measuring tension, compression and torque forces

    Force Gauges

    Digital and analog Force Gauges, Hans Schmidt Price:
    from 295 to 2.235
    • Digital and analog display
    • Measuring range:
      up to max. 20 kN
    • Different interfaces

    Physical Therapy and Strength Testing Kits

    Physical Therapy and Strength Testing Kits Price:
    from 640 to 1.260
  • Digital and analog display
  • Measuring range:
    up to max. 1000 N
  • Different interfaces
  • Test Stands

    Test Stands, Vertical and Horizontal, Manual and Motorized Price:
    from 730 to 6.800
    • Manual and motorized designs
    • Vertical and horizontal designs
    • Capacity:
      max. 5000 N

    Test Stands for cable joints and solder pins

    Test Stands for Cable Joints, Hans Schmidt Price: starting at 1.200
    • Manual and motorized designs
    • Measuring range:
      up to max. 1000 N
    • USB interface

    Food Rheology Tester

    Food Rheology Tester Price: 6.000
    • motorized design 
    • Measuring range:
      up to100 N
    • USB interface

    All mentioned prices are excluding VAT.

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    New Tension Meter


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