Product Overview

Tension Meter

  • Mechanical and electronic tension meter Hand-held device and sensors for stationary use
  • For versatile applica-
    tions, especially textil and wire industry

Screen Printing Tension Meter

  • Hand-held device
  • For determining the tension of screen printing fabrics etc.

Belt Tension Meter

  • Hand-held device
  • For determining the tension of belt drives

Force Gauge

  • Mechanical and electronic force gauges
  • Hand-held device and for stationary applications
  • Usable in a lot of sectors of industry

Test Stands

  • Mechanical and electronic test stands for force gauges
  • Usable in a lot of sectors of industry
  • Cable clamp tester (crip tester)

Universal Testing Machine

  • Capacity:
    max. 5000 N
  • Integrated force and distance measuring
  • Software for gener-
    ating a force-distance diagram
  • User programmable travel distance with mechanical adjust-
    able limits

Test Stands for cable joints

  • To measure the tensile strength
  • Manual or motorized operation

Torque Meter

  • Hand-held and desktop device
  • For determining the torque of screw caps, screws, rotary switches etc.


  • Hand-held tachometer
  • For non-contact and contact measurement
  • For determining of revolution, speed and length

Speed- and Length Meter

  • For determining the yarn speed and yarn consumption at circu-
    lar knitting machines
  • Hand-held tachometer


  • Hand-held device
  • For determination of revolutions
  • For visualisation of movements and oscillations

Thickness Gauge - hand held device

  • For determining the thickness of various materials
  • Static measurements and on running materials

Thickness Gauge - desktop device

  • For determining the thickness of different materials according
    DIN ISO standards

Shore Durometer

  • Shore tester according DIN ISO and ASTM
  • For determining the indentation hardness of various materials
  • Test stands

Textile Durometer

  • Tester for determining the winding density of textil bobbins
  • Tester for determining the hardness of cots


  • Device for locating leakages

Stiffness Tester

  • For determine the stiffness of various materials
  • desktop device

Sample Cutter

  • To cut samples
    of 100 cm
  • For textile, paper etc.

Area Weight Balance

  • For determination of weight or area weight in g and g/m

Textil Moisture Meter

  • For determining the resudal moisture of textiles, fibres, fabrics etc.
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