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The increasing globalisation and the changing security situation has caused the world customs organisation to establish the basic conditions for a modern and effective risk management in custom officials worldwide. The Objective of the hedge is a countinuous supply chain for manufacturer of goods to the consumer.
The European Union has converted this security political aspect by changing the customs code. One of the main elements of the security amendments is the creation of the "Authorised Economic Operator" concept. The AEO has an unique status and can be classified extremely credible and confidential, by fullfild special criterias (e. g. verifiable liquidity, protect the company building of unauthorised admittance). Therefor some privileg on the basis of customs can be claimed on.

We are legitimated to use the status "Authorised Economic Operator" with the AEO-Certificate "Customs Simplifications" (AEO-C) since the 22th February 2011.

AEO Guidelines Guidelines for "Authorised Economic Operators"
(as at 29. Juni 2007)
AEO Certificate Certificate for "Authorised Economic Operators"



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